Saturday, May 5, 2012

'The Good Wife' Review - 3.22 The Dream Team

        In the season finale of CBS' The Good Wife, Will and Diane scramble when Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm team up to bankrupt the firm. Meanwhile, Alicia faces conflicted feelings regarding her relationship with Peter and Kalinda's past finally catches up to her.

My thoughts below in bulleted format - due to the lateness of the review.
  • This episode had a lot of light moments - which isn't bad by any means, I just wasn't expecting to go into this episode laughing so much. The scene where everyone met outside of the elevator and where Patti and Andrew approached Kalinda with the baby strollers were fantastic.
  • This finale felt like a culmination of every single plot arc that happened throughout this season.
  • In every finale of this show, Alicia has been faced with a choice in her personal life. The moment of her outside her house contemplating whether to join her family inside was great as usually just a little more subtle than the past two finales - Will's phone call and the elevator.
  • I appreciated the use of imagery with the black and white movie paralleling the scenes with Jackie. That little facet helped make her a more fully dimensionally character.
  • Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm made a great team together. Here's hoping we can get them together again in the future.
  • Kalinda returned to her badass self that has been predominately missing this season. Who didn't love seeing her knock out her wall with a sledgehammer? Plus that final scene with her sitting with a gun waiting was awesome.
  • Season 4 is shaping up to phenomenal - with the introduction of Kalinda's husband (who would you cast?), the race for governor and the bankruptcy of the firm.