Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Law & Order: SVU' Review - 13.22 Strange Beauty

        In the newest episode of NBC's Law & Order: SVU, Detective Rollins spots a young woman screaming in the back of a moving taxi while off-duty. The SVU squad quickly identifies the victim as a rebellious teenager, estranged from her family. The case takes an unexpected turn and the detectives are drawn into the psychological elements of self-mutilation and ritual amputation in order to find the missing woman.

Below is a list of all of the major plot points - and my thoughts - that happened in the penultimate episode of the season.
  • This episode definitely upped the creep factor as the show delved into a world it has never gone to before. However, the show didn't overwhelm the viewer with this underworld. The episode worked so well because they briefly touched the subject but it didn't consume the entire case.
  • Yes, sometimes the mystery behind Rollins' character can be intriguing but it feels like every few episodes a so, we get a small tease about her - but nothing off substantial value. I'm engaged with her story but she hasn't really grown that much over the past 22 episodes.
  • It was so great to see Tamara Tunie back on the show. She's been missing for the majority of the season. So it was refreshing to see her take on things again. Plus, it was also great that just because she appeared it didn't mean the victim would end up dead.
  • The reveal of Jess having no leg was a nice twist that I didn't see coming. I thought the entire case flowed wonderfully as everything came full circle with the man's mother having lost her leg and the psychologically meaning behind every action.
  • It was a tad disappointing that the self-mutilation world was just a red herring and the true culprit was just another creepy man. But it was still intriguing to watch nevertheless.