Friday, May 11, 2012

NBC Renews 'The Office,' 'Parks & Rec,' 'Up All Night,' 'Whitney' & 'Fashion Star'; Cancels 'Awake,' 'Harry's Law,' 'Are You There Chelsea,' 'Bent' & 'Best Friends Forever'

        It was yet another busy day of pickups and cancellations for NBC as the network made its final decisions on many of their remaining shows as while as their final series order for their new pilots.

         Today, NBC handed out renewals to four of their best performing comedies this season - The Office (Season 9), Parks and Recreation (Season 5), Up All Night (Season 2) and Whitney (Season 2). Parks and Recreation's fifth season order is for 22 episodes while Up All Night's and Whitney's are only for 13. It is unclear how many episodes were given for The Office's ninth season.

        In other renewal news, the network has also decided to give a second season to reality show, Fashion Star. Ratings haven't been out-of-this-world, with the show averaging between a 1.3-1.5, but merchandise has been flying off the racks of the various retail chains featured on the program.

        On the other side of the spectrum, the network cleaned house of its remaining series on the bubble. Dramas Awake and Harry's Law and comedies Are You There Chelsea?, Bent and Best Friends Forever will not produce any more episodes.