Sunday, October 28, 2012

'Revenge' Review - 2.05 Forgiveness

        On the newest episode of ABC's Revenge, faces from the past are reemerging all around the Hamptons, and for Victoria and Emily it brings on different kinds of trouble and significance; Jack's sense of duty grows exponentially; and Padma makes a move that could have major ramifications for Nolcorp.

        Tonight's episode was very simple and well-executed and allowed for some true and deep emotional material for a numerous amount of characters. Sure, the horrendous subplots are still there - apparently Kenny now owns a part of the bar and things keep getting more and more confusing with Padma and the state of Nolcorp - but the main through-line of the episode was well-paced and natural.
        The Kara Clarke character may be a bit too murky and mysterious at the moment as an individual but I love the emotional responses she is bringing out of the main characters. Emily's eavesdropping reaction to Kara asking Amanda for forgiveness was truly touching (and wonderfully shot). But it did way more than just that. It showed how far Emily was evolved as a character since when she started out on her quest for revenge against the Graysons. The reintroduction of her mother has left her questioning her memories and childhood which also results in her weakening state of her revenge plots. She has become attached to her mother, to Amanda, to Jack and to Nolan. Now, she is trying to work things out so none of them get hurt in the crosshairs. But conversely, Aidan is representing her former self in that he is setting things up to gain as much information and leverage as possibly to make a very decisive blow to the Grayson family.
        Mason Treadwell is such a slimy character but Roger Bart's eccentric performance allows me to care about what havoc he is trying to bring. He is a well-executed and fascinating character which is more than I can say for many of the new season two recurring cast. That last minute reveal that he knows that Amanda is not the daughter of David and Kara Clarke really excited me. Somehow had to make that discovery to add a sense of urgency to the Emily-Amanda friendship/switch sooner or later and I'm intrigued to see more of the ramifications moving forward.

So what did everyone think of the episode? Did Amanda heal way too quickly? Do you want to see more Emily tears? Favorite Nolan line? Enjoy the lack of mentioning the Initiative? Share your thoughts in the comments.