Sunday, October 28, 2012

'The Good Wife' Review - 4.05 Waiting for the Knock

        On the newest episode of CBS' The Good Wife, the feds arrest drug dealer Lemond Bishop's (Mike Colter) accountant and Alicia and Diane must work with his second law firm, who handle his illicit activities, to discern if the feds are after his legal businesses or drug money; and Nick creates more trouble for Kalinda.

        The show has crafted a wonderfully compelling and deep recurring story with the Lemond Bishop character. He only appears once or twice a year and yet we understand everything about him. The plot is very straight-forward (unlike the recurring spat between the two Internet business guys) but not too simple and allows for many characters to look at the moral grey areas of life. The show also has every character rooted in the story which allowed them to come together more as a group in this episode than the first four episodes this season. Alicia has been able to be real with him and he conversely respects her and knows that she will protect his son.
        The Nick and Kalinda subplot has become more of a distraction the more weeks it was showcased. He was missing last week and I was glad. He returns in this episode but I didn't really think that their scenes took away from the impact of the hour. Sure, we still get many scenes that tease their murky backstory but those we're actually able to show some emotion and depth. In the previous episodes, they were physically fighting, having rough sex, teasing each other with ice cream, etc. but those plot points had no roots and it was hard to understand why they were there in the first place. I think tonight's episode was more of a success in terms of this story because it was able to weave Lana in more organically (and professionally) which also weaved in the main Lemond Bishop case as well. It was fascinating to ponder whether it was Lemond or Nick who broke into her apartment - for the brief second that was. Tonight, we also got glimpses of the more badass Kalinda (the cable van, chasing the motorcycle) which if they were able to organically allow more of them into the narrative to highlight the story with Nick I wouldn't be as overly critical about it. Finally, I love psychological spinning that goes along with Kalinda no longer completely trusting Lana.
        The blogger posted the story about Peter and despite some severe freaking-out from Eli, I love what this story in this episode did to showcase the characters of Peter and Alicia at this point in time. The two of them have mutual respect for each other now. If that in turn brings things back to a full on romantic reunion, I have no clue. But right now in this story, I appreciate Alicia and Peter trying to help the other ascend the world rather than them being apart.

So what did everyone think of the episode? Can Maddie and Alicia still be friends? How will the blog story effect Peter's campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments.