Tuesday, July 23, 2013

'Suits' Review - 3.02 I Want You to Want Me

        On the newest episode of USA's Suits, Louis offers Mike a case that could change his future at the firm; and Harvey and Jessica team up to keep Ava Hessington (Michelle Fairley) out of jail, but their case is complicated by disgraced former DA Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole).

        The third season of Suits has been about the deconstruction and dissolution of the series' core relationships. The season premiere set up all the stories of the summer season - Harvey vs. Jessica, the ongoing case with Ava Hessington, Mike's relationship with Rachel, Harvey not being able to trust Mike. The second hour was able to take all that setup and flesh out all the intimate details of what to expect from these stories. And yet, at the same time, it gave a whole lot of unexpected resolution. By the end of the episode, Mike and Harvey have made up - with the show's main dynamic duo coming back together - at the expense of Louis who worked so hard to woo Mike to his side. Mike and Louis make an equally strong legal team but, due to Louis' past actions, Mike has always been wary of working long-term with him. He finally was able to accept that idea when he simultaneously came to the realization that maybe Harvey will never forgive him for what he did. So when Harvey enters the room to mend the bond, Mike is quick to jump back on board because he's grown so attached to Harvey. Louis' notices their reunion and, very understandably, is quite upset. Seriously, something good has got to happen to Louis soon. But at the same time, Harvey felt very reluctant to forgive Mike. It was more a strategic move than one of actually sincerity. He needs as many people on his side when his power plays starts to play out. If that means, forgiving someone who stabbed you in the back out of self-preservation, then so be it. Mike is a great asset to have when the office politics come to a head.
        The average episode of Suits has a lot of blackmailing. It's one of the most endearing qualities of the show because it clearly defines who all of these characters are. Thusly when Harvey and Jessica have their big blowout when they confront each other on all the blackmails they have done over the course of the series, it's an episode highlight. And yet, neither one of them would have done things any differently if they had a chance to. That is simply who these people are and the biggest indicator that this riff between Harvey and Jessica will not be as easily mended as his with Mike was.
        The bond between Donna and Rachel has just been this amazing gem that did wondrous things for the developments of their character. Through their interactions together, we got a much better sense of who these women are and what they want in this world outside of simply serving Harvey and Mike respectively. Thusly, when they have their epic blowout, it is quite the visceral moment. Their friendship has grown and evolved in front of eyes. Now, the show is testing the strength of that dynamic by having all the secrets come out. Rachel can't believe what Donna did to her. And yet Donna, much like Jessica, probably would not change a thing.

Some more thoughts:
  • Michelle Fairley and Gary Cole had limited appearances in the premiere but both were quite entertaining in tonight's hour. Cole feels more compelling in his interactions now than he was in his one-off appearance in the first season. While Fairley's work on Game on Thrones will consume most of the conversation about her this year, she is equally compelling here playing a vastly different character.
  • Louis and Mike's case was kind of a dud. It's only purpose was to re-convince us that they would make a good legal team. That dynamic came across well. I just wasn't interested in the details of the case they were working on.
  • Simply cannot be said enough: More Donna and Louis scenes, please! They're an odd pairing that just works amazingly.
  • But on the topic of Louis, definitely was not expecting that mud-filled backside shot of him. Cannot un-see! I didn't even know that was allowed on USA.