Tuesday, July 30, 2013

'Suits' Review - 3.03 Unfinished Business

        On the newest episode of USA's Suits, Cameron has Harvey's client arrested for murder; Katrina tries to win over Louis; and a "British version of Harvey," Stephen Huntley, arrives at the firm.

        With every passing episode, the tension and stakes of the Ava Hessington case keep getting larger and larger. And the more that this case weaves it's way into the show, the more it highlights the character's moral codes and what they are and aren't willing to do. Ava is the person whose natural instinct is to bribe everyone to get her out of her crimes. Harvey definitely plays around the edges of the law but he never breaks it. He has his own ideals that he stands by no matter how much he gets pushed by others. Her frequent inquiries of whether or not he thought she was innocent or guilty made it abundantly clear that she had something to hide. But Harvey and Mike aren't stupid. They saw that. But now, they have one of the biggest dilemmas they have ever faced. Harvey desperately wants to oust Jessica from the firm but in order to get the backing that he needs he needs to defend this woman who he knows is corrupt. But if he doesn't win the case - which Darby is very closely connected to - he could lose his standing at the firm altogether. He would lose the support of Darby and could very easily be replaced by new fixer Stephen Huntley. Huntley says he's here to help Harvey with the case and has no interest on having his name on the door. But if we are truly to believe that he is "the British Harvey" as the show expects and wants us to, then we should also expect him to have an ulterior motive for everything that he does.
         But the hour focused a lot on forgiveness as well. Harvey forgave Mike for his betrayal at the end of last week's episode. So, now the Dream Team is back in action and doing some great work. But their reunion led Mike to go back on his promise to serve as Louis' personal associate. This is devastating to Louis because he finally got Mike on his side before Harvey swept back in and carried him away again. Louis' forgiveness of Mike won't be as easy as Harvey's and now he's teaming up with Katrina. She makes her craft return to the show trying to slither her way into the Ava Hessington case but aggravating everyone along the way. She's prideful and desperately wants to advance in the firm but unfortunately needs to align with Louis in order to make that play happen. Harvey passed Ava's business-related off onto Louis because he knew he would be better at that. But now with her murder investigation risking it all, it won't be long before both cases effect the other and the two teams have to help each other - albeit reluctantly, right?
        Finally, while on the surface, it would appear that Harvey and Jessica are being friendlier towards each other. Harvey's plot to take Managing Partner away from her becomes more and more real as Stephen and Mike are both let in on the coup. Jessica is a tiger - as she describes herself, Harvey and Mike - and won't go down easily. That's why Harvey needs this growing support for him right now if he has any realistic chance at swiping her out of his way for good.

Some more thoughts:
  • Harvey: "Cameron, you keep showing up unannounced."
  • So, Mike and Rachel are now officially boyfriend/girlfriend. But they're still keeping their romance a secret at the office. Because that always works out great in the long run, right?
  • Also, the show has found the perfect romantic foil for Donna who isn't Harvey. He's a Harvey stand-in! This thread was loads of fun here and will likely be a perfect metaphor for her relationship with Harvey.
  • It's so nice to have Amanda Schull back on the show. She has a nice history with Harvey, Mike and Louis and adds another interesting face to the work environment.