Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Syfy Orders Drama 'Dominion' to Series Starring Christopher Egan, Alan Dale & Anthony Stewart Head

Syfy has ordered the drama pilot Dominion - based on the 2010 feature film Legion - to series a mere four months after first announcing the pilot greenlight. Production on the first season will begin shortly with the series expected to bow in 2014.

From Universal Cable Productions, Dominion is described as a supernatural action drama set 25 years in the future after a war between an army of angels and mankind has transformed the world. The drama follows the journey of a rebellious young soldier who discovers he's the unlikely savior of humanity.

"Following the critical success of Defiance and the upcoming Ron Moore thriller Helix, Dominion will be the next major addition to Syfy's growing slate of high-quality scripted series," Syfy president Dave Howe said. "Dominion will continue Syfy's new strategy to commission stand-out genre series that deliver the high stakes, sci-fi/fantasy experience our audience demands and embraces."

Christopher Egan (Kings) leads the cast as Alex Lannen, an orphan with a rebellious and protective streak. He's a grunt soldier in Michael's Archangel Corp but destined for more than his lowly classification in Vega's post-Extermination War society might indicate. Tom Wisdom (300), Roxanne McKee (Game of Thrones), Alan Dale (Lost), Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Luke Allen-Gale (The Borgias) co-star.

Vaun Wilmott penned the pilot and also serves as an executive producer on the series. Legion co-writer/director Scott Stewart directed the pilot and will executive produce alongside Michel Litvak and David Lancaster. The pilot was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa with production slated to continue there on the first season.