Monday, January 27, 2014

REVIEW: 'Switched at Birth' Sends Bay to Minneapolis, Toby Out of the House & Daphne in More Trouble in 'Fountain'

ABC Family's Switched at Birth - Episode 3.03 Fountain

Daphne's attempt at building a friendship with Sharee takes a turn for the worse when Sharee gets in trouble at school; Bay agrees to help her art teacher set up a showing at a Minneapolis gallery, in an effort to get a letter of recommendation; and a business opportunity puts Regina in a conflicted position.

Switched at Birth often antagonizes John Kennish simply because it's an easy thing to do. From the very beginning, he has always been the character that is against whatever the rest of characters want to do. That could be a very one-note characteristic. But the show has also always done a very nice job of showing things from his point-of-view as well as giving him his moments of levity and fun.

So, when Daphne blackmailed Senator Coto during the summer and he found out about it, he had every reason to be mad at her. That was a huge mistake that Daphne made. She realizes that now. "Fountain" is the first episode where those two characters frankly talk about what that mistake did to their relationship.

It feels very odd that he is the one apologizing to her. On one hand, it works because he shouldn't have made her think there was a possibility his hatred would boil over so much that he would kick her out of the house. But it's also an issue that can't be fixed simply through the two having just one really honest conversation. Yes, that helps tremendously - and they get to bond over field hockey and those sticks while the credits start. However, a lot more work needs to be done in order for the two to truly be back to where they once were. I hope this resolution grows more complex as the season goes on.

Elsewhere, Toby and Kathryn got in a fight over what kind of apartment he should find. Toby has matured so much during the course of the series' run. Remember back in season one when he had that gambling addiction? Look how far he's come. He now has a level head on his shoulder - to want to pay for an apartment by himself & to take responsibility for the Field Hockey team. Kathryn's opposition to what he wants is odd at first. And yet, it flows really well with her story of feeling tethered to her family. She doesn't want him to leave. She wants him to stay at home and be with her. John is the voice of reason to her - which was a huge plus for his character this season.

Bay also went on a road trip to Minneapolis with Teresa and Tank. Basically, it was a way to plant this seed of doubt in Bay's mind of what she wants out of life as an artist. Should she go to art school? I don't know. It'd be hard to keep her relevant in the world of the show if she's a hundred miles away. And yet, trying to decide if college is the right course of action is something the show has already done with Toby. Bay's internal conflict on this issue should feel different and it does feel different. But I'm also really intrigued to see what it's all leading to.

Some more thoughts:
  • "Fountain" was written by Joy Gregory & Terrence Coli and directed by Allan Arkush.
  • Regina's new guy friend seemed nice when we met him last week. We all knew we'd be seeing him again soon. Now, he pops up in "Fountain" and he's a pretty big jerk. I was fine with letting them go their separate ways after Regina turned down the job - but apparently the show has more story to tell with them.
  • No Angelo again this week. Who's wondering what he's up to now? Probably too busy guesting on 2 Broke Girls.
  • Emmett's discovery of Matthew being the tire slasher at Carlton played out basically how I thought it was going to. But it also had a good moment that elicited sympathy for the "delinquent" students when their lockers were being searched.
  • But also, so glad to have another great Emmett-Daphne scene. Love that friendship.
  • The question of how Sharee's box cutter made it through security was left dangling - even though that really felt like something the show would give an answer to.
  • Also since last I reviewed, the show announced they're doing a dance episode later this season. That should be a lot of fun!