Sunday, March 9, 2014

REVIEW: 'Resurrection' - Jacob Returns to Arcadia & Marty and Maggie Search for Answers in 'The Returned'

ABC's Resurrection - Episode 1.01 The Returned

Jacob returns to Arcadia 30 years after he died; Lucille is overjoyed but Henry is reluctant to accept that Jacob is back; Martin, Fred and Maggie search for answers; Pastor Tom seeks a spiritual reason for what's happening; and Elaine soon finds herself drawn into the town's growing mystery.

Did the mystery of Resurrection entice you as much as the show desperately thinks you will? Did you find any of the performances interesting? Or do you think that Kurtwood Smith and Frances Fisher are fine but playing characters with no details.

The hour spends a lot of time talking about whether or not this Jacob is the same person who died 30 years ago. These characters are following a procedure. He's taken to the hospital and examined. A DNA test is performed. He's asked about the details of his "death." In the meantime none of the characters are really reacting to this in a pure and human way. Instead the show creates it's own mystery by having the circumstances of Jacob's death differ from what everyone thought happened. It's placing the emphasis on the character's death and not his rebirth - which in a show called Resurrection should be the real focus. It's eerie when Jacob and Caleb share a longing glance in their matching shades of red. That moment created a real mystery of interest. That the people returning to Arcadia, Missouri are a part of some grander scheme. Instead the show bogs down with the past while presenting a truncated and unsure narrative for the present.

Some more thoughts:
  • "The Returned" was written by Aaron Zelman and directed by Charles McDougall.
  • How well do you think Resurrection will do in the ratings? I'm gonna guess somewhere in the 1.6-1.9 range. 
  • I just hate that Civil War line so much!
  • Hey, it's that bland detective guy from Sleepy Hollow playing... a bland detective guy here.
  • I also really don't believe Mark Hildreth as a pastor. If the show wanted to explore the religious angle of this "miracle" it should have done so unreservedly. This feels like the show touching on it to acknowledge it as an idea but not too much to discriminate against viewers.