Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Development News - Trio Board ABC Family's 'Stitchers'; James McDaniel Joins Amazon's 'Hysteria'

Development News - May 21, 2014

ABC Family's Stitchers and Amazon's Hysteria.

  • Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris have booked the lead roles on the drama pilot from writer Jeffrey A. Schechter. Ishta will play Kirsten Clark, a smart, socially awkward girl with a rare condition that makes her unable to feel emotions or correctly gauge time passage. She is chosen for a secret government program but takes to the scary, unpredictable job with ease. Harris will play Cameron, the chief teach/handler at the program in which operatives read corpses' memories in order to solve crimes, who is initially wary of Kirsten.
  • Felix Gomez has also joined the pilot today. He will play Dr. Jerome Smallwood, a college professor who teaches a grad course in computer science in which Kirsten and her roommate are students.
  • James McDaniel (NYPD Blue) has been cast on the drama pilot starring Mena Suvari & T.R. Knight. He will play Dr. Carl Sapsi, a local Austin doctor who's baffled by the outbreak of hysteria in his midst and initially eager to work with his friend, Dr. Harlow (Suvari), to uncover the mysteries at its core. It's only when she becomes a pariah in the community that Sapsi pulls away from her.