Tuesday, May 13, 2014

REVIEW: 'Trophy Wife' - Kate & the Kids Try to Track Down Diane and Jackie in 'Mother's Day'

ABC's Trophy Wife - Episode 1.22 "Mother's Day"

Kate is overjoyed when Diane and Jackie offer to let her have the kids on her first Mother's Day, however, when Kate discovers their hidden agenda -- she is determined to get revenge. Meanwhile, Pete slowly buckles under the pressures at work.

Well, this certainly is bittersweet. Tonight was the first season finale of the great family comedy series Trophy Wife. But last week ABC opted not to bring the show back for a second season. So this finale will serve as the series finale as well. In that respect it's a lovely final episode but this show clearly had more stories it would like to tell. And now, I'm just sad because it won't get to tell them because not enough people watched this show in its terrible Tuesday time slot. But what can I do about it now, right? I can just appreciate the finale and just be glad that the show was able to produce 22 great episodes for my enjoyable.

It was very suspicious when Diane and Jackie so easily let Kate have the kids for mother's day. I first thought it was because the kids were a nightmare on this particular holiday and the two of them could easily prey on Kate's naivety. And that's a story Trophy Wife could have done and it would have been equally as great. Instead it's a story about Diane and Jackie wanting a day to themselves to relax and pamper themselves. And they used Kate's naivety to get that. It led to plenty wacky moments between the three wives - all three of them falling into the pool was quite awesome - as well as some great stuff between Kate and the kids - Bert refusing to take the chicken, Warren on the phone with his mom, etc.

But it also led to a moment of self-reflection. The balance between Kate, Diane and Jackie has been a chief focus throughout the year. They all share one thing in common - Pete - but they all also play an important part in the others' lives whether they like it or not. Diane and Jackie recognizing that Kate isn't as bad as they first thought was a great moment of evolution. Tension in this group comes from Kate searching for their approval or gratitude. Them recognizing her is a great way to conclude a season of growth. Yes, this family is eclectic and weird. But they are also perfect for one another. They could go off and relax by themselves. But they are much more at home when they are all rallying together - in this case for Pete's indigestion - or having fun in a hotel suite. 

Some more thoughts:
  • "Mother's Day" was written by Gene Stupnitsky & Lee Eisenberg and directed by Paul Lauer.
  • Bert manipulating Sad Steve into telling him where his mom was was just such a great and hilarious scene. I'm just gonna miss that kid so much.
  • Pete hates his job has been a wonderful recurring bit throughout the season. The finale brings it into the actual story. He might have quit his job - but it was a little unclear. Eh, he can still be having fun with his family.
  • Also enjoyed the Pete writes legal erotica recurring joke.
  • Trophy Wife. I'm gonna miss you.