Monday, August 4, 2014

REVIEW: 'Switched at Birth' - Bay Has a Doctor's Appointment & the Students Ditch School in 'You Will Not Escape'

ABC Family's Switched at Birth - Episode 3.19 "You Will Not Escape"

Looking for a distraction, Daphne organizes a senior ditch day for her Carlton classmates, but things get out of hand. Bay meets with Angelo's doctor to discuss their family medical history. Meanwhile, Kathryn brings Regina to her book publisher's author party in New York.

At the end of "You Will Not Escape," Daphne says something that she has never said before. She yells to Regina that she is not her real mother. She has fallen and fallen hard. Out of the entire cast, she has taken Angelo's death the hardest because of the closeness they had during his final few days. She's a teenager and simply doesn't understand how people are just able to move on as quickly as they have. Regina and Bay are hurting too. They just have internalized pain. They aren't expressing their feelings as aggressive as Daphne. For all Bay knows, she too could die of a brain aneurysm at any given moment. That's terrifying. And yet, she's keeping that information all to herself. In the wake of this tragic loss, she doesn't want to add fuel to the fire for no reason. That's precisely how she and Daphne differ. Daphne needs explanation and a person to blame and making sure they know that. However, she's also putting distance between her and her support system. Like the doctor says, support is what these people need right now. Bay and Daphne aren't looking for support unless they need it. Daphne sees nothing wrong with her behavior. To her, she's acting rational given her perception of the family around her. She doesn't know the full story with Regina and is quick to get angry and not want to hear what her mother has to say. That is devastating but also completely on Daphne.

But the healing process is slowly coming. Bay gets the MRI to know what she's facing and to her relief she's perfectly healthy right now. But that doesn't mean she gets ample time to act out as well during the period of not knowing. She's not jealous of the idea of Emmett and Matthew's cousin being together. But that's just one thing she didn't want or need to deal with during this day away from school. And then, she had to also be a sister to Daphne. She called her out on all of her bad and reckless behavior and it still didn't make a difference. If Daphne can't trust Bay and what she has to say, then who can she confide in? As long as the girls have each other, they can conquer any situation. Now, Daphne doesn't want to address that bond and that is brutal.

Elsewhere, Regina and Kathryn head to New York while Travis deals with his schooling. The best part about the book author party had to be Regina finally just having a good time and laughing again. It's been a down and dour last couple of weeks for her between Angelo dying, the tension with Daphne and the issues at work. Here, she gets to smile and let go a little bit. Travis, meanwhile, simply doesn't know what he wants out of life right now. He has this job opportunity that frankly is better than anything he could have imagined for his life. He's making grown-up decisions without being confident or fully informed. To him, this feels like the only bright spot in his life. He's willing to argue and fight for it. But ultimately, he needs a maternal figure to look out for him and tell him what he needs to do. It's taking all that pressure off of his shoulders to know that someone cares about him enough to fight for him and what opportunities he should have in life.

Some more thoughts:
  • "You Will Not Escape" was written by Joy Gregory and directed by Michael Lange.
  • That book author party was just so farcical. I'm still just having a hard time taking that story seriously. But hey, it was some well-needed levity.
  • Emmett also got into USC film school! Umm, that's a pretty big deal. But it also means that Bay is just now gonna follow a guy wherever he's going to go in her post-high school life.
  • Daphne's views on college and the future have drastically altered in the last few weeks. Earlier this season, she found passion in the medical profession. Now, she just wants to write college off as a big waste of time and money.
  • Sharee also cares about Daphne now. Plus, she's signing a little bit too.