Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Development News - Lilah Richcreek Lands Female Lead on ABC Family Comedy Pilot 'Gorgeous Morons'

Development News - July 1, 2015

ABC Family's Gorgeous Morons.

  • Lilah Richcreek (Work Mom) has been cast as the female lead on the comedy pilot written by Chun. She will play Jane, an American literature Ph.D. student who values substance over trivial things like looks and popularity. Finding herself in desperate need of a place to live that's affordable and near campus, Jane moves in with Madison and AJ. Jane surprisingly bonds with AJ over his forbidden love of carbs, but fiercely butts heads with Madison who is intimidated by her intellect and disgusted by her wide array of sweatpants. When her professor crush cuts her name from their co-authored paper, she's pleasantly surprised that the brothers stand up to him on her behalf.