Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Development News - Alfonso Herrera Books Male Lead on FOX's 'Urban Cowboy' Adaptation

Development News - August 12, 2015

FOX's Urban Cowboy.

  • Mexican actor/singer Alfonso Herrera (Sense8) has been cast as the male lead on the drama pilot adaptation of the hit 1980 film of the same name. He will play Kyle, an extremely popular rodeo circuit rider who is a puppet for the drug cartel, forced to flee Mexico after ticking off the wrong people. Now with a price on his head, he and his sister make their way to Houston, given sanctuary by his Uncle Al, also an illegal immigrant who has made a life for himself in the United States. He's a cosmopolitan, modern guy who has drank the best tequila, danced at the hottest clubs in Mexico and he still has a lot of play left in him, but knows it's time to forge a new future and find new dreams.