Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FOX Sets Midseason Schedule: 'American Idol,' 'New Girl,' 'Cooper Barrett' 'Lucifer' & 'Second Chance' Debut in January

This afternoon, FOX has announced premiere dates for new series Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (Jan. 3), Bordertown (Jan. 3), Second Chance (Jan. 13) and Lucifer (Jan. 25); and returning series New Girl (Jan. 5), American Idol (Jan. 6 and Jan. 7) and Hell's Kitchen (Jan 15). In addition, some other shows on the network are on the move.

The midseason schedule goes as followed:

Sunday, January 3
        8PM - The Simpsons (Winter Return)
        8:30PM - Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (Series Premiere)
        9PM - Family Guy (Winter Return)
        9:30PM - Bordertown (Series Premiere)

Monday, January 4
        8PM - Superhuman (Two-Hour Special)

Tuesday, January 5
        8PM - New Girl (Season 5 Premiere)
        8:30PM - Grandfathered (New Time Slot)
        9PM - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (New Time Slot)
        9:30PM - The Grinder (New Time Slot)

Wednesday, January 6
        8PM - American Idol (Season 15 Premiere, Part One)

Thursday, January 7
        8PM - American Idol (Season 15 Premiere, Part Two)

Friday, January 8
        8PM - MasterChef Junior (Winter Return, Two-Hour Episode)

Sunday, January 10
        7:30PM - Bob's Burgers (Winter Return)

Wednesday, January 13
        9PM - Second Chance (Series Premiere, Formerly The Frankenstein Code and Lookinglass)

Friday, January 15
        9PM - Hell's Kitchen (Season Premiere)

Sunday, January 24
        10PM - The X-Files (Season Premiere, Part One following Football)

Monday, January 25
        8PM - The X-Files (Season Premiere, Part Two)
        9PM - Lucifer (Series Premiere)

Sunday, January 31
        7PM - Grease: Live (4-Hour Special)

Friday, February 5
        8PM - Sleepy Hollow (Winter Return, New Time Slot)

Monday, February 29
        8PM - Gotham (Winter Return)

Wednesday, March 2
        8PM - Rosewood (Spring Return)

Wednesday, March 30
        9PM - Empire (Spring Return)

The return dates for Bones and The Last Man on Earth will be announced at a later date.