Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Development News - Tyler Hilton & Kurt Fuller Join 'His Wives & Daughters'; Adam Beach & Jim True-Frost Board 'Monsters of God'

Development News - November 16, 2016

CMT's His Wives & Daughters and TNT's Monsters of God.

  • Adam Beach, Jim True-Frost, Alicia Sixtos and Efren Ramirez have been cast on the drama pilot starring Garret Dillahunt and Lauren Ambrose. Beach will play Sees Two Moons, an assertive Comanche and powerful son of the Chief who quickly learns that Bill Lancaster (Dillahunt) wants to defy the town's peace treaty with the tribe. He realizes he needs to defend his people against this new threat, and in doing so, discovers his own role within Comancheria. True-Frost will play Mayor Walton Green, a forward-thinking and steady all at once man who butts heads with Lancaster over the Colonel's new and aggressive tactics regarding the neighboring tribe. Sixtos will play Juanita, the charming prostitute who has captured the affects of Lancaster. Ramirez will play Jerome, of Mexican heritage and fluent in Comanche who works as Lancaster's translator, exuding a close loyalty for the Colonel.
  • Tyler Hilton, Kurt Fuller, Molly McCook, Christina Moore and Talia Tabin have joined the cast of the drama pilot starring Jeff Kober and Jane Seymour. Hilton will play Dave, an early 1960s-era Eddie Banks (Kober) lookalike and impersonator. The similarities between them are striking - handsome features, a deep crooning voice, a penchant for women and a commitment to method acting. Fuller will play Corny, Eddie's reluctant sidekick, a suave, classically trained actor and musician tired of playing second fiddle. His goal has always been to steal Eddie's spotlight and his second wife, Donna (Gail O'Grady). McCook will play Tammy, Eddie's most recent wife, the opposite of a conniving gold-digger who is hopelessly sweet and sees the best in everyone. Moore will play April, Eddie and Lorna's (Seymour) daughter who won an Academy Award at a young age acting opposite her father. But by age 13, she was unemployable and partying with the best. A veteran of all the top rehabs, she recently wrote a tell-all memoir that has the rest of the family up in arms. Tabin will play Carolyn, Eddie and Donna's highly strung daughter who has serious daddy issues. She parlayed her father's name into a recording contract in 1995 and became a one-hit wonder. Chronically insecure and desperate for attention, her issues play out in a string of unsuitable relationships.