Thursday, January 19, 2017

Casting News - Jane Lynch to Co-Star on Discovery's 'Manifesto'; Richard Schiff Joins Starz's 'Counterpart'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Casting News - January 19, 2017

Discovery's Manifesto; Lifetime's UnREAL; Starz's Counterpart; TNT's Claws; and Up's Date My Dad.

  • Emmy winner Jane Lynch (Glee, Hollywood Game Night) has joined the cast of the upcoming drama starring Paul Bettany and Sam Worthington. Jeremy Bobb (The Knick) and Lynn Collins (John Carter) have also been cast today. She will play Janet Reno, who became the first woman to serve as U.S. attorney general at age 57, a true public servant and a woman of great character and resolve. Every major case in the country came across her desk, and there was no bigger one than the hunt for the Unabomber (Bettany). Bobb will play Stan, a corpulent bulldog who torments Fitz (Worthington) and blames him for not accurately writing the search warrant that took down the Unabomber, essentially blaming him if Kaczynski walks. Collins will play Natalie, an undergrad linguistics professor. When Fitz comes to see her in 1997, she is annoyed that he is dragging her back into the case, just as she is about to make tenure at the university.
  • Stephen Rea (The Honorable Woman), Richard Schiff (The West Wing) and Sarah Bolger (Into the Badlands) have been cast in recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring J.K. Simmons. Rea will play Alexander Pope, a charming old-world Englishman and an old friend of Howard Prime (Simmons). He's an √©minence grise who pulls strings from behind the scenes and knows where all the bodies are buried in the complex and covert machinations on the "other side." Schiff will play Roland Fancher, an expert litigator and feared power negotiator between both dimensions. He is the head of the Office of Interchange's diplomacy department, responsible for negotiating the exchange of prisoners between worlds. Bolger will play Anna, a mysterious young woman whose appearance on the "other side" threatens to disrupt the tenuous truce between Howard and his counterpart.
  • Barry Watson, Raquel Welch, Zenia Marie Marshall, Lilah Fitzgerald and Audrey Smallman will star in the upcoming dramedy created by Nina Colman - the first scripted series on Up. Watson will play Ricky Cooper, a single dad raising three daughters. He had the perfect life: a former professional baseball player and married to Isabella, the love of his life. His world comes crashing down when Isabella passes away, leaving him to raise three daughters alone. The series picks up three years later as Ricky is raising the girls with the help of his live-in mother-in-law, Rosa (Welch). On his 40th birthday, he experiences a different type of crisis when Rosa unexpectedly announces that she is moving. He becomes panic-stricken knowing he will have to tackle everything on his own. His daughters - Mirabel (Marshall), Elisa (Fitzgerald) and Gigi (Smallman) - have also been busy. They have taken matters into their own hands by making it their mission to get their dad back in the dating game.
  • Breaking Bad alum Dean Norris has joined the cast of the upcoming dramedy starring Niecy Nash and Carrie Preston as a series regular. He will play Uncle Daddy, a dangerous Dixie Mafia crime boss who is deeply Catholic and actively bisexual. He replaces Peter Firth, who played the role in the pilot.
  • Caitlin Fitzgerald (Masters of Sex, Rectify) has landed a series regular role on the drama's upcoming third season. She will play Serena, Everlasting's first "suitress." Determined to have her pick of eager male suitors, she will face off with Everlasting's queen bees, producers Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer) who are shaking things up, all for the sake of ratings.