Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Development News - Willa Fitzgerald to Play Lead Role on E! Drama Pilot '#FashionVictim'

Development News - November 8, 2017

E!'s #FashionVictim

  • Willa Fitzgerald (Scream, Little Women) has been cast in the lead role on the drama pilot written by Daniel Waters. She will play Anya St. Clair, an angelic squirrel of a girl who works tirelessly as an associate editor of the popular VIE Magazine and is the right-hand to its editor-in-chief, the great Celia Avery. But beneath her grace, composure and charm are some seriously swirling demons. Finally tapping into her dark side, she is given a rush and a spooky strength that may take her to the top of the fashion world. She is a style maven, velvet-rope VIP, Instagram trendsetter, social media chameleon and moonlighting serial killer. She never goes anywhere without her lipstick, phone, credit cards and switchblade.