Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Development News - Brett Dier Set as Male Lead on 'History of Them'; ABC Orders Pilots for Dramas 'For Love' & 'Salvage'

Development News - January 24, 2018

ABC's For Love & Salvage; and CBS' History of Them.

  • Brett Dier has been cast as the male lead opposite Ana Villafañe on the comedy pilot written by Gloria Calderon-Kellett. His casting marks his first follow-up role to his two-and-a-half season run on The CW's Jane the Virgin.
  • He will play Adam, an adorable and a little nerdy web cartoonist. He's been mostly a serial monogamist but is determined to sow his oats before getting into his next long term relationship.
  • FOR LOVE (Drama) - Written by Michael Cooney. Executive produced by Cooney and Kim Moses. Produced by ABC Studios. Logline: An epic love triangle set against a grounded, secret world of magic in present day New Orleans. Five years ago, Hope Castille's fiancé was killed. This morning she received a phone call from him.
  • SALVAGE (Drama) - Written by For the People co-showrunner Don Todd. Executive produced by Todd. Produced by ABC Studios. Logline: Ex-cop Jimmy Hill just wants to be left alone after moving back home to rural Florida. But when a local murder is linked to a sunken treasure of a lost Spanish galleon, he's drawn into the investigation by an idealistic deputy and pitted against the powerful town patriarch, outside criminal agents and his own father.