Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Casting News - Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell to Appear on 'Madam Secretary'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Casting News - July 24, 2018

Bravo's Dirty John; CBS' Madam Secretary; Lifetime's American Princess; and NBC's This Is Us.

  • Keiko Agena, John Karna, Sprague Grayden and Cliff Chamberlain will round out the main cast of the upcoming anthology series starring Connie Britton and Eric Bana. Moreover, Jeffrey Reiner has signed on as an executive producer and will direct the first four episodes.
  • Agena (Gilmore Girls) will play Nancy, Debra's (Britton) co-worker.
  • Karna (Scream) will play Jimmy, Terra's (Julia Garner) boyfriend.
  • Grayden (The Following) will play Tonia, John's (Bana) first wife.
  • Chamberlain (State of Affairs) will play Ethan, John's best man from his first marriage.
  • Matt Peters, Lucas Hazlett, Lex King, Steve Agee, Kitana Turnbull, Mike Lane, Juan Alfonso, Sophie Von Haselberg, Sas Goldberg and Patrick Gallagher have landed recurring roles on the upcoming drama starring Georgia Flood.
  • Peters (Orange Is the New Black) will play Shart O'Belly, a Ren Faire actor and one of David's (Lucas Neff) hilarious sidekicks performing in the mud pit.
  • Hazlett (Wrecked) will play Stick, a Ren Faire actor and David's other sidekick performing in the mud pit.
  • King (Troy: Fall of a City) will play Callie, David's fair girlfriend. An ethereal beauty, super aloof and into holistic healing, she basically brushes horses for a living and intimidates Amanda (Flood) just by being her blasé, confident self.
  • Agee (New Girl) will play Lee, the put-upon manager of the Royal Renaissance Festival. A grumpy guy in middle management, with his hard-partying years long behind him. He spends most of his time keeping the place running and getting by with the bare minimum.
  • Turnbell (A Series of Unfortunate Events) will play Breeze, a smart, self-aware and well-spoken teenager going through teenage issues all while being raised on the Renaissance Faire circuit.
  • Lane (Nobodies) will play Bo, a nerdy Ren Faire enthusiast who doesn't work there but goes every weekend with his girlfriend. They dress in full garb and are both very committed to Ren Faire-speak and non-existent English accents.
  • Alfonso (Rebel) will play Juan Andres, aka "Faire Bear," who sells cast iron mugs at the Ren Faire and teases passing patrons all day. A classic film buff in his down time, he shows a romantic interest in an unlikely Faire compatriot.
  • Von Haselberg (House of Cards) will play Natasha, a proprietor of one of the Ren Faire food booths. She is also in an unconventional but committed relationship at the Faire and shows Amanda how fun life on the circuit can be.
  • Goldberg (Odd Mom Out) will play Erin Klein-Fagel, Amanda's older sister who has a husband, two kids and a very typical Upper East Side life full of nannies and private pilates classes. She is concerned that Amanda is having a mental breakdown, but also slightly envious of her freedom.
  • Gallagher (Glee) will play Friar Woodruff, the Friar at the Ren Faire who is always ready to lend an ear or a swig of his famous homemade Devil's scotch.
  • Former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, Hillary Clinton and General Colin Powell will guest star in the fifth season premiere of the hit drama starring Téa Leoni.
  • In the episode, Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Leoni) turns to the former secretaries of state to ask their advice on how to respond to a delicate situation.
  • Rob Morgan has been cast in a recurring role on the drama's upcoming third season. He is known for playing Turk Barrett on several of the Marvel shows on Netflix. He has also recurred on Netflix's Stranger Things and starred in the film Mudbound.
  • He will play Solomon Brown, a longtime city councilman and fixture in Philadelphia who oversees the very district where William (Ron Cephas Jones) lived pre-Randall (Sterling K. Brown). He is a smart and charming family man and regular church-goer. He knows how to play the game and do what it takes to succeed.