Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Development News - Hulu's 'Less Than Zero' Pilot Adaptation Rounds Out Main Cast

Development News - August 1, 2018

Hulu's Less Than Zero.

  • Lily Donoghue, Cooper Koch, Keenan Jolliff, Ronen Rubinstein and James Bloor will round out the main cast on the drama pilot starring Austin Abrams.
  • Donoghue will play Blair, Clay's (Abrams) ex-girlfriend who hopes to restart their relationship when Clay comes home from college on the East Coast during winter break.
  • Koch will play Julian, Clay's best friend who's at loose ends after deciding not to attend college.
  • Jolliff will play Rip, Clay's drug deeler.
  • Rubinstein will play Trent, a student and model at UCLA.
  • Bloor will play Daniel, a college classmate of Clay's.