Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Development News - Jay R. Ferguson, Edi Gathegi and Brian Geraghty Board USA Drama Pilot 'Briarpatch'

Development News - September 4, 2018

USA's Briarpatch.

  • Jay R. Ferguson, Edi Gathegi and Brian Geraghty have been cast on the drama pilot starring Rosario Dawson. Ferguson starred for four seasons in AMC's Mad Men and two seasons in ABC's The Real O'Neals. Gathegi has starred for three seasons in Sony Crackle's StartUp. Geraghty starred for two seasons in NBC's Chicago P.D. and in TNT's limited series The Alienist.
  • Ferguson will play Jake Spivey, Allegra's (Dawson) childhood best friend and former running buddy. Once the poorest kid in town, he's returned from years of shadowy business abroad and reinvented himself as the region's richest swell. Now, it's said, he dabbles: in real estate, in society, in women. Whispers abound that he might just be dabbling in drugs, guns and politics too - only most locals can't decide which of those would be worse.
  • Gathegi will play A.D. Singe, an estate attorney, an iconoclast, and - rarest of all in these parts - an optimist. He was Felicity Dill's friend and is ready to be Allegra's friend too, if only she'll let him.
  • Geraghty will play Captain Gene Colder, a model cop and citizen. A former boy scout, a current assistant deacon, and an inveterate professional climber, he was Felicity's boss ever since she was promoted to homicide. Now he's ready and eager to do anything he can to wrap-up the investigation into her murder.