Monday, October 29, 2018

Development News - Amy Forsyth and Jessica Sula to Star in Amazon's 'College'; Plus 3 More Updates!

Development News - October 29, 2018

Amazon's College & People Just Do Nothing; CBS' Surveillance; and TNT's Constance.

  • Amy Forsyth, Jessica Sula, Max Willems, Zainne Saleh, X. Lee, Birgundi Baker, Barrett Carnahan and Inanna Sarkis have been cast in the drama pilot written by Marja-Lewis Ryan.
  • Forsyth (Rise) will play Kaylee, 18, hard, tattooed, and smart, she is a foster kid. She is a direct young woman, considered by her friends "most likely to succeed."
  • Sula (Recovery Road) will play Addison, 19, self-possessed, unflappable, very comfortable in her own skin, she is a sophomore. From London, she is studying bio-medical engineering.
  • Willems (Let's Kick It) will play Samson, 19, mature, self-deprecating, with a confident, easy demeanor, he is one of Kaylee's roommates. Born in Paris, raised in Munich, affluent, a second-year freshman with a sense of humor, he's a drug addict/dealer in active recovery.
  • Saleh (The Night Shift) will play Riya, 18, overly talkative, funny, prissy, she is the daughter of a professor and is pursuing a career in medicine.
  • Lee will play Teddy, 18, transgender male, quiet, gamer, freshman from the Bay Area. He's self-conscious and sweet and wants to have a clean start in college.
  • Baker (The Chi) will play Maleeka, 18, sardonic, sensitive, sheltered, unsure, a virgin, with a very protective mother, she is a freshman. School has barely begun, but a homesick Maleeka is ready to go home.
  • Carnahan (Grown-ish) will play Logan, 18, a formerly overweight newly attractive frat-type. He looks the part of a cocky dude but he's secretly a virgin with a crush on Maleeka. He's charming though occasionally culturally insensitive (at best) and has a lot to learn.
  • Sarkis (Waiting for Him) will play Enaas, 19, Addison's wealthy friend. She comes from oil money.
  • Raphael Acloque will co-star on the drama pilot starring Sophia Bush and Catalina Sandino Moreno. He previously starred in FOX's one-season drama 24: Legacy. He next appears in HBO's limited series Catherine the Great.
  • He will play Jack, a smart, calculating and resourceful journalist with an alternative news website. He's a vocal critic of the NSA, determined to expose corruption and abuse within the agency and the intelligence community at large.
  • Yasha Jackson has joined the cast of the drama pilot starring Elisabeth Shue and Sharon Gless. She starred in the "Black Museum" episode of Netflix's Black Mirror. She will also be seen in recurring roles on Showtime's Ray Donovan and CBS' Blue Bloods.
  • She will play Bells Bradley, a charming, whip-smart chameleon who isn't at all as she appears.
  • PEOPLE JUST DO NOTHING (Comedy, Single Camera) - Written by Mehar Sethi. Directed by Chris Storer. Executive produced by Sethi, Storer, Ash Atalla, Jon Petrie, Hugo Chegwin, Steve Stamp, Asim Chaudhry and Allan Mustafa. Produced by Roughcut Television. Logline. A mockumentary that follows a group of working class DJs and their friends in a town called North Las Vegas: a land of mini malls and vast parking lots, where the lights of The Strip act as a beacon of fame and glory that's just out of reach. The series tracks their stumbling ambitions, and explores how relationships between friends and family evolve as the reality of your dreams starts to hit. It's a sloppy celebration of life in the suburban southwest. Based on the British series of the same name.