Monday, November 5, 2018

Casting News - Damon Herriman, Chris Conrad, Terry O'Quinn and Hana Mae Lee Join Epix's 'Our Lady, LTD'; Plus 2 More Updates!

Casting News - November 5, 2018

DC Universe's Swamp Thing; Epix's Our Lady, LTD; and HBO's Watchmen.

  • Damon Herriman and Chris Conrad have been cast as series regulars on the upcoming drama starring Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson and Jacki Weaver. Furthermore, Terry O'Quinn and Hana Mae Lee will appear in recurring roles.
  • Herriman (Justified, Mr Inbetween) will play Paul Allen Brown, the wayward son of Pa (Kingsley) and Ma (Weaver). He is the architect of a scheme to fleece his parents out of millions with his new partner James (Simpson).
  • Conrad (Patriot) will play New Leaf, a former convict whose attempt at legitimacy via small-business ownership is thwarted by Ma and Pa. Losing everything, he directs that violence and intensity toward hunting the stranger he believes to be responsible - the same identity James just assumed.
  • O'Quinn (Lost, Patriot) will play Tom Walker, a Texas Ranger whose investigation into the death of a young girl lands him in Half Acre, where his primary suspect has resurfaced.
  • Lee (Pitch Perfect, Those Who Can't) will play Scotty Sholes, the accountant for Our Lady of Perpetual Grace who has access to the church's financial records after Ma and Pa go missing and becomes a dangerous obstacle for James.
  • Will Patton will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Crystal Reed. He previously starred for five seasons in TNT's Falling Skies and in the FOX limited series Shots Fired.
  • He will play Avery Sunderland, the most prominent businessman in Marais. He serves as the de facto patriarch of his Louisiana hometown, always giving back to the community. His benevolent veneer, however, masks a ruthless determination to harness the power of the swamp for profit.
  • James Wolk has booked a major recurring role on the upcoming drama starring Regina King, Jeremy Irons and Don Johnson. He previously starred for three seasons in CBS' Zoo. He has also had recurring roles on Amazon's Goliath, Showtime's Billions and AMC's Mad Men. He is currently a series regular on the CBS All Access drama Tell Me a Story.
  • As with all previous casting on the drama based on the comic book series, no details were immediately released about the character he will be playing.