Thursday, January 17, 2019

Casting News - Peter Sarsgaard to Star in 'Interrogation'; TNT's 'Raised by Wolves' Rounds Out Main Cast; Plus 2 More Updates!

Casting News - January 17, 2019

CBS All Access' Interrogation; HBO's Mrs. Fletcher; Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angeles; and TNT's Raised by Wolves.

  • Peter Sarsgaard will play the lead role on the upcoming drama created by Anders Weidemann and John Mankiewicz. He previously starred for one season in AMC's The Killing and in the Hulu limited series The Looming Tower. His recent film credits include Black Mass, Jackie and The Magnificent Seven.
  • He will play the lead detective on the central case. 
  • Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Felix Jamieson, Ethan Hazzard, Jordan Loughran, Aasiya Shah and Ivy Wong will co-star on the upcoming drama starring Travis Fimmel.
  • Collin (A Conspiracy of Faith) will play Mother, an android with a secret past who has been programmed to raise a brood of human children on a faraway planet. In addition to teaching her children to survive, she must also keep them from believing in the unreal; to ensure this virgin planet isn't torn apart by the same religious differences that led Earth to its ultimate destruction. She hopes her family will serve as the nucleus for a peaceful, technocratic colony - a new beginning for humanity. But as she struggles to mold these growing humans, she also begins uncovering secrets hidden within her own programming, secrets that could help her protect her family, but could just as easily destroy them.
  • Salim (Fortitude) will play Father, an android whose devotion to his human children is matched only by his devotion to Mother. He is a considerably less complex model than Mother, but thanks to his wisdom and patience, he is no less important to the family's survival. Like many human fathers, he wants to be funny - especially in the eyes of Mother - but it's a skill he often struggles with. What he is good at is always being there when you need him.
  • McGrath (Aloft) will play Campion, a scrappy and soulful 12-year-old boy who was raised by Mother and Father since birth. When a ship of humans arrives from Earth, he is exposed to followers of religion for the first time in his life, and starts to question whether his android parents really know what's best for him.
  • Algar (The Virtues) will play Sue, a strong, resourceful combat medic who put aside her reservations about coming to this new planet at the urging of her husband Marcus (Fimmel). But as the planet's mysteries and dangers threaten to upend the promise of a new life, she questions whether they have compromised too much in the name of survival.
  • Jamieson (Game of Thrones) will play Paul, Sue and Marcus' 12-year-old son, a boy of unshakable faith in both his religion and his father. Having always felt like an outsider back on Earth, he strikes by a complicated friendship - and rivalry - with Campion. Though the two young men begin to learn from one another, they also begin to challenge one another.
  • Hazzard (The Long Song) will play Hunter, a highly-intelligent 17-year-old. His father was a high-ranking member of a powerful religious order back on Earth. But now that the hierarchy he once sat atop no longer exists, he must learn what it's like to be just like everybody else.
  • Loughran (The Infiltrator) will play Tempest, a 17-year-old raised with a religion she never really believed in. She sees Mother and Father as superior to the human guardians who so often let her down. Soon after arriving in the new world, she discovers she is pregnant; the result of a rape she suffered at the hands of a high-ranking member of her church.
  • Shah (Call the Midwife) will play Holly, a 15-year-old burgeoning warrior who is trying to find her place in this strange new world.
  • Wong (Star Wars: Rogue One) will Vita, a 9-year-old and the youngest member of the family, but also the most fearless.
  • Cameron Boyce has joined the cast of the upcoming comedy starring Kathryn Hahn. He has previously starred in the Descendants film franchise on Disney. He also starred for four seasons in Disney's Jessie and two seasons in Disney XD's Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything.
  • He will play Zack, Brendan's (Jackson White) new college roommate who is very ingratiating towards Eve (Hahn) during move-in weekend.
  • Daniel Zovatto has been cast as the male lead on the upcoming spinoff of Showtime's Penny Dreadful. He previously starred in HBO's one-season drama Here and Now. He previously recurred on ABC's Revenge and AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.
  • He will play Tiago, the first Mexican-American detective in the LAPD. He will grapple with racism, childhood trauma and issues of faith in 1938 Los Angeles.