Wednesday, January 30, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - Andrea Worries About Going to the Spa With Her Mother in 'Couples Massage'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.04 "Couples Massage"

As the holidays approach, Andrea is stressed at work and agrees to get a massage to relax. Andrea and Mike try to teach Amelia the value of a dollar.

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"Couples Massage" was written by Andrea Savage and directed by Stephanie Laing

Andrea absolutely loves reminding Mike over and over again that he has seen her mother's nipple. She teases him about it constantly. Even though it's something that happened earlier this season, it's still something very prevalent on her mind. In fact, she just loves pushing her husband until he says something he clearly doesn't want to say. That's the dynamic that they have. She always shares how much she loves him and how he gets her sense of humor. However, she is always saying the wildest things and always taking them way too far. Moreover, she is completely fine with seeing her mother's nipple and having honest conversations about it and a number of other topics. Here, she is fascinated by the idea that her mother could be having sex with the Santa Claus who just happens to be working at the Christmas tree farm. That's her big takeaway from that venture out as a family. Instead, it's much more important that Sharon learns her granddaughter wants an iPad for Christmas and decides to make it happen. It's not even something she gets on Christmas. Sharon learns this is what Amelia wants and immediately gives it to her. She does so after an okay music program in which the teachers actually wanted to get up and perform as the stars. That's a very Los Angeles thing to do in this setting. It makes it immediately clear that the teachers are actually just struggling artists waiting for their own big break in this industry. Their priorities are on themselves and playing for whomever in the crowd could potentially help their own careers. The focus isn't really on the children and what they are doing. Of course, Mike and Amelia are still very proud of Amelia. But again, it all centers around the idea that Amelia has no context for how much work it takes in order to get something she wants. It means that Amelia has to make a big show about the importance of one dollar. It's essentially nothing to spend one dollar on a lip stick for Amelia here. And yet, Andrea feels the need to teach her daughter a lesson. It seems absolutely trivial. It's not something the rest of the world is willing to indulge either. Sharon just hands her old iPad to Amelia as a gift. Meanwhile, Andrea runs into a woman who has commissioned a script outline from her and Rob at the store who may walk away with the impression that Andrea is in desperate need of money at the moment. It's all so ridiculous while also highlighting the struggle of being a parent and trying to teach children the right lessons. But the episode also pivots around the idea of how comfortable Andrea is around her mother's body. She is perfectly fine seeing a nipple and mocking Mike for also seeing it. However, she is horrified by the idea that she could be seeing her mother's entire naked body when they go to the spa together. She even makes Mike feel uncomfortable about it even though he won't be there. In the end though, Sharon is the one who dresses modestly while Andrea lets everything out. That is so insanely awkward for her. But she was also right to fear the social norms of this environment because she runs into Beth in the sauna who just wants to have a nice chat while completely topless. It's normal for her while uncomfortable for Andrea and she doesn't pick up on it. The same is also true of Sharon moaning while getting her massage. It's so bad that Andrea needs to go into another room. But that also allows her to have a truly relaxing time. That's what she really needed from all of this anyway. So, it's still a successful venture out.