Wednesday, January 30, 2019

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Stevie Has Ulterior Motives While Taking a Trip with David in 'The Dress'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 5.04 "The Dress"

Johnny finds himself under financial pressure with the arrival of Moira's high-priced red carpet gown for the Crows movie premiere. David is conned into taking a road trip with Stevie.

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"The Dress" was written by Rupinder Gill and directed by Jordan Canning

It's very impressive that the season is committed to Stevie and Emir as a romantic couple. They were an item that could have fizzled out after one amusing episode. It even presents challenges to them as an ongoing couple. His job frequently takes him on the road. He has written a review about the Rosebud Motel. As such, there may no longer be a reason for him to make his way to Schitt's Creek for awhile. That means Stevie has to trick David into driving to Elm Valley with her just in the hopes of seeing him again. This is something she is interested in pursuing. And then, the show throws in some melodrama to make it seem like it's not suppose to happen. Plus, Emir's reason for showing up late and not texting her back is very lame. He got into an accident with a student driver. They swapped their phones to trade information and never swapped them back. That's weird and unlike a teenager to do so. However, it's mostly to create a selfless gesture from David where he lets Stevie have this romantic evening even though it means he's stuck at the hotel bar getting drunk and performing karaoke. Sure, that's still an absolutely delightful sight. He's eventually rewarded for that gesture by Emir who pays for the amenities in this hotel for David. That means David takes full advantage of that offer. Elsewhere, it's fascinating to watch as the financial difficulties for the family keep coming up from time to time. They have been adjusting to life in Schitt's Creek for awhile now. Some have assimilated better than others. Moira is still primarily focused on getting out. And yet, she has made adjustments as well. When it comes to the gown for the Crows premiere, she didn't go out for some designer brand that would cost a fortune. Instead, she even used discounts to negotiate a solid deal on a dress she absolutely loves. For the longest time, the show withholds the actual look of the dress as well. It makes it so the point isn't about how stunning she looks in it but that $3,700 is still too much for the family to afford at the moment. It's all a part of the stress that Johnny is currently feeling. Even though the motel has been doing well since he became a partner in the business, he still sees areas that he keeps having to sink money into. The motel now needs a new water heater. Sure, Moira's water habits are absolutely outrageous. However, it's also hilarious to watch as Johnny tries to replace the machine himself despite having no clue what he's doing. It's even better that he thinks a YouTube tutorial video is actually interactive and will wait for him to catch up during every step of this process. He doesn't know how to pause a video on his phone which is a great bit of physical humor here. But all of this does have a sentimental ending with Moira getting to enjoy this gown for a moment before returning it. Sure, she expects pictures to be taken and appreciated. She does look stunning in that final moment. It just once again means she has to temper her expectations for what is still possible for the family. There is still the hope of something better coming one day. It just hasn't arrived quite yet. And finally, Alexis teases Ted a little bit regarding all of the women he apparently slept with when they broke up the first time. He keeps claiming that he's the one who ended these relationships because they were better off as friends. And yet, it's also pointed out that the women had the exact same reactions. Sure, it's not a very deep story for this couple. But it again highlights how they are growing closer together while also being honest about everything that has happened in the past.