Wednesday, February 20, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - Andrea Wonders How to Finally Break Up with a Friend in 'Little Louse on the Prairie'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.07 "Little Louse on the Prairie"

Andrea realizes she has to end a friendship that's gone on too long and a lice breakout at Amelia's school hits home.

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"Little Louse on the Prairie" was written by Joey Slamon and directed by Andrea Savage

People evolve over time. The people we meet in our twenties may no longer be our friends in our forties. That's the lesson that Andrea learns here in an especially painful way. She doesn't have a strong friendship with Jill. However, they have an annual tradition where they celebrate their birthdays together simply because they were both born on the same day. It's a tradition that Andrea is tired of while Jill is still enthusiastic about it. Jill isn't changing her behavior at all even though she is turning 40 years old. It shows how people can sometimes be in wildly different places in their lives. This is something that Andrea feels obligated to do every year even though she is so annoyed by Jill. Andrea has built a nice family for herself. Sure, it's absolutely demoralizing that she keeps going back to get her head checked for lice and the creatures are still there. That's one aspect of this story that pushes her completely past her breaking point. There's no clarity as to how the lice came to infect the family home. Amelia apparently got them at school. But they clear up for her right away. No matter what Andrea does they are still on her head. She follows every instruction and they don't leave her alone. It's a parallel to her relationship with Jill. She would like for things to just fade away until they barely considering each other a friend any more. They only meet for this one celebration. That should be a big enough clue that it's not worth all of the effort. And yet, it isn't for Jill. She is still excited about it. She still sees Andrea as one of her closest friends who knows every single detail about her life. Instead, Andrea and Mike have nothing but contempt for the choices that Jill is making - especially when it comes to the toxic man in her life who is completely useless. Jill keeps getting back together with him though. Andrea and Mike care for a moment. But this party forces them to drink and smoke in order to suffer through it all. That too leads to such an outrageous and horrifying moment where Andrea passes out while on the toilet and gives herself a black eye. That is such a nasty visual. But it's even more embarrassing because she was essentially naked in the stall because of the romper that she was wearing. This is the struggle that women know all too well. They may love this particular outfit but it's not the best when it comes to this one function. Andrea was willing to suffer through it like everything else with this party. Instead, she leaves embarrassed with a mark that lingers on her face. She makes the right decision. No one at this party was there for her. Jill is the only person she somewhat knows. It's no longer a friendship she wishes to maintain. She ultimately has to say that as well. Jill still wants a debrief about the night because her friend left early during their big celebration. Everyone enjoys making jokes about what happened to Andrea in the bathroom. But she is at a real low point now. As such, she says everything that she is thinking - even more so than usual. The show makes that the point of the situation as well. She sums up Jill's reaction to Mike later on that night. The audience doesn't actually get to see it. That's a very distinct choice. It makes the audience once again eager to take Andrea's side because this is something that needed to be said. But again, it's easy to judge her as well for trying to get private information from the nurse at school. That continues to prove she isn't the best person to be around. And yet, all she needs for her birthday is a nice meal out with her family. That is actually very pleasant and sweet.