Wednesday, February 20, 2019

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Johnny Feels Awkward Around Ted's Mother While David Cares for Roland Jr. in 'A Whisper of Desire'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 5.07 "A Whisper of Desire"

Johnny suspects that Ted's mom is attracted to him, while Moira can't resist getting involved in a local musical production.

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"A Whisper of Desire" was written by Michael Short and directed by Jordan Canning

It's so refreshing to spend some time with Ted's mom here. It helps put things into better context as to how Ted became the man that he is today. He can be a little oblivious but he is charming and sweet as well. His connection with Alexis means something special and meaningful to both of them. It's unique that Ted's mom visiting has nothing to do with Alexis though. Instead, it's mostly a story about Johnny feeling like she is being flirtatious with him. That's not true by the end of things. And yet, the show has a lot of fun making it seem as if something more complicated is going on. Johnny is reading more into the situation. The show presents the case for the audience and even Alexis to feel the same way as well. Alexis is happy to tease her father with Stevie. They think it's cute that Johnny feels he's desirable in this way. It's only after they learn that she is single that they start giving some credibility to the theory. But in the end, it's a happy story about Ted's mom finding love again with another man. He just happens to be ten years younger than her. Ted is still very supportive of her though. That's the exact reaction that he would have as well. So, it's ultimately very sweet even though it frequently comes at Johnny's expense. Elsewhere, it continues to be appreciated that the show takes note of where Roland Jr. is at all times and who's taking care of him. Sure, it also has contempt at how oblivious the people are in charge of a baby. However, it may also prove just how strong and resilient children can be as well. Roland seems especially clueless. He doesn't really know how to take care of a baby. He thinks there is no problem taking his son to the site of an electrical disaster. He actually gets electrocuted a couple of times. David is the one who mentions it's not a safe place for a child. He comes across as the rational adult in that moment. In doing so though, he immediately presents as the one person capable of watching the baby at this specific moment. He doesn't want to be worried about that. He just wants to impress a potential new partner with his business. But the baby is the way in that allows him to be seen as an understanding and strong partner in this situation. Sure, it's crazy to imagine David and Roland as a couple. Everyone in the Rose family is disgusted by Roland. And yet, David starts to see the value a baby could bring to his life. Sure, it's inherently selfish and controlling. That ensures he is only growing a little bit over time. And finally, Jocelyn is holding auditions for a local production of Cabaret. It's a musical that Moira has such affection for and a deep history with. In fact, David has heard the story so many times that he could recite it word for word. As such, it was always expected that she would become involved with the production at some point. It's just very intriguing how she is going to be the director instead of the star. She has always had notes about every project she has worked on. Sometimes they can be useful. Other times though, they are complete nonsense. Here, she isn't able to help Bob become more foreboding as a performer. However, she is able to bring a great performance out of Patrick at his audition. That's a surprise. It creates a new character pairing that should be fun to watch in the remaining episodes of the season. Patrick in the starring role is bound to be a lot of fun. That's a given especially with Moira's insane and very specific direction that is sure to define this production.