Wednesday, March 13, 2019

REVIEW: 'I'm Sorry' - Andrea's Annoyance with Mike's Tank Top Hits Its Amusing Breaking Point in 'New York vs. LA'

TruTV's I'm Sorry - Episode 2.10 "New York vs. LA"

When Andrea's great uncle dies, Andrea offers to host his memorial service. Andrea learns some surprising information about Jennifer's new boyfriend.

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"New York vs. LA" was written by Joey Slamon and directed by Stephanie Laing

It is so damn brilliant and funny to watch the show reveal its elaborate end game to Mike's tank top. That has been such an amusing running joke throughout this entire season. Whenever it comes up, Andrea has to make fun of it in some way. She didn't like it when Mike first bought it. She didn't like it when he actually wore it - either around the house or in public. And now, he is barely seen in a picture wearing it. That ruins that perfectly fine memory for Andrea that should be about her daughter enjoying pajama day at school. She is obsessed with this tank top. She hasn't done anything to it. It has only come up occasionally throughout the season. However, it's been enough for the audience to take note that it is something that repeatedly bothers her. It was just like her sexual dream with Mr. Castellotti. That too had a very strong and surprising resolution in the previous episode. This is a show that knows how to throw some serious punches when it comes to these small, low-stakes jokes. The season built up these ideas and ends with some hilarious and shocking revelations. This finale highlights life and death in some serious ways. It causes Andrea to get emotional thinking about her parents' mortality. However, it's also a celebration because it's the 10-year wedding anniversary for Andrea and Mike. The episode starts with her going in for a negotiation with her husband about what she is willing to continue committing to for the foreseeable future. She made a promise with her vows ten years ago. And now, she is putting in the work to check back in with him. It's a negotiation. One that is tense with neither getting everything that they want. But it also highlights how this remains a very healthy and happy couple. Meanwhile, their actual anniversary date proves that they are perfect for each other. Andrea has such a strong habit of turning everything into a bit to humiliate the people around her. She has no shame even though she does apologize for her behavior in some instances. She also hasn't created a situation in which Mike has been able to proclaim victory over her. That changes here because she shows up to this dinner wearing a shirt that she just wears around the house. People are staring at her. She is hoping to do so to prove a point that Mike should not go out in public with his tank top. But it's ultimately a victory for Mike because the entire tank top story has been a bit purely to annoy her. Many people were in on it and actively helped him try to fool and annoy Andrea in this way. And now, she's the one taken aback and surprised by just how perfectly it all went. Mike succeeded in getting under her skin. This was a very elaborate and well-planned ruse. One that ensures that they too will be very happy in the future. They simply understand each other even though Andrea still shuts down Mike's attempts to have anal sex.

The story of the tank top would be enough to make this a standout episode in an overall strong season. However, the main story of Andrea stepping up as the new matriarch of the extended family is incredibly strong too. This is a power move on her part. Sharon submits without putting up too much of a fight. She is glad to no longer have to carry the burden and responsibilities associated with this position. She is happy to just show up at these events that allow the family to reconnect with one another. Andrea can absolutely handle the memorial service for her great uncle who has passed away. She is able to do so with no problems whatsoever. In fact, she is more distracted by the details Jennifer is giving about her new boyfriend. Jennifer's previous appearance this season was so fantastic and proved that she really needed something new following her divorce. She has now found that with a guy who is willing and able to satisfy her extensively. Of course, Andrea is struck by the actual details of the sex that they have together. She wishes to share and analyze it with all of her friends. That shades everyone's understanding of this man before he even appears. He immediately presents as a perfectly fine and pleasant guy. Andrea and Mike could be friends with him. They are happy for Jennifer. And yet, they are still thinking about the sex. All of this eventually comes back to hurt Andrea as well because she shares the details with her mother only for her to talk about the sex that she has with Leon. That is never something that Andrea wanted to imagine. And now, both she and Mike will have to suffer through it. It is a result of their own curiosity. They wanted these details despite knowing just how shocking and uncomfortable it could make them. But that's who they fundamentally are as well. Plus, it still hits very effectively when Andrea realizes that her mother may be closer to death than she has ever previously thought. She is perfectly fine discussing things with her father about him being buried in a biodegradable bag instead of a traditional casket. She actually supports that idea and they are already arguing about the price. However, things are placed in a new context when Andrea realizes that her mother is technically next in line to go. She always knew that her mother would die at some point. However, this entire experience forces her to think about it in frank and sudden terms. Sharon doesn't plan on dying any time soon. She is still enjoying life. And yet, this remains something that has to be on their minds. Aging may be better than dying. None of this distracts them for too long either. But it's also a powerful moment in which Andrea is actually vulnerable and shares her emotions for once. That is refreshing and surprising as well.