Wednesday, March 13, 2019

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - David Discovers Some New Competition for Rose Apothecary in 'Roadkill'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 5.10 "Roadkill"

Johnny and Moira's afternoon plans are interrupted when they accidentally hit a cat. David runs into an old colleague at the flea market whose new business bears a striking resemble to Rose Apothecary.

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"Roadkill" was written by Michael Short and directed by Jordan Canning

There are many amusing and colorful personalities throughout the world of Schitt's Creek. It's fascinating to watch as the show has evolved its ensemble while also digging deeper with its main cast of characters over the years. Wendy is a prime example of a character who was important for a season and then just left. She had a purpose in further fleshing out David's world and his burgeoning entrepreneurship skills. He has all of the success with Rose Apothecary because he went to work at the Blouse Barn. Sure, he ultimately ran that business into the ground. However, he still sees himself as a friend and ally to Wendy who will always tell her the truth. Sure, he is surprised to suddenly see her again. He is even more taken aback by the new situation she finds herself in which is an exact mirror of what their previous dynamic was like. That's very fascinating because it shows how far David has evolved over the course of the series. It proves that Wendy is still fundamentally the same character though. She is being doped by someone who has no real expertise or ability to market their business to the world in Antonio. And yet, it's still a hit for a brief moment. Wendy and Antonio are the stars of this flea market for awhile. They are selling the same exact products as Rose Apothecary as well. That too is very inspired because it introduces a sense of competition. The business has been a success despite the store always seeming empty because there is still a marketplace for it in this community. David doesn't need to have all of the flashy things in order to survive as a business owner. However, he does feel the need to be honest with Wendy when it's exposed that her products are a cheap brand being disguised as something else. As such, they are the ones ultimately ripping off their customers. That's horrifying. It's a version of fraud that Wendy is immediately ashamed about and puts the work in to correct. That is special and proves that this is a connection that may still be worth revisiting from time to time. All of this also means that Alexis is overseeing the store. She doesn't actually have to make a sale or care for any customers. She is just suppose to be waiting for a package. Instead, she is using it as an opportunity to have a ton of sex with Ted. Of course, that's very amusing as well. She is hoping for some light role-playing and he struggles with the improv. He doesn't quite know how to deliver exactly what she needs in this moment. However, it is still a pleasurable experience for both of them - at least until the new bathroom sink breaks. That could cause a new stir between Patrick and Ronnie because the bathroom was just installed recently and created some animosity there. Alexis claims this has never happened to her before despite her ample experience. As such, it should be very amusing to see how all of this continues to develop. And finally, it's just hilarious to watch as Johnny and Moira try to do the right thing after running over a cat on the highway. It's easy for them to track down the animal's owners. However, they keep being pulled into situations where they have to express their guilt and make up for it. The loss of an animal is difficult. However, the show also has a lot of fun saying that this family shouldn't be receiving this amount of sympathy and good will from Johnny and Moira. But it still ends with the two of them not being able to enjoy their day at the spa.