Wednesday, April 24, 2019

REVIEW: 'Chicago Med' - A Lockdown Forces Sharon to Make a Critical Decision to Save Lives in 'Never Let You Go'

NBC's Chicago Med - Episode 4.19 "Never Let You Go"

The hospital goes into lockdown mode when a man with a gun holds medical staff hostage. Goodwin is forced to make a tough decision. Dr. Rhodes begins to realize his time with his father is getting short.

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"Never Let You Go" was written by Stephen Hootstein & Joseph Sousa and directed by Charles S. Carroll

The emergency department goes into lockdown here after a teenage gunman opens fire. It's a tense and topical story. One the show feels the importance of telling to show just how dangerous and common it can all be. It presents as a normal episode where things are simply chaotic in the ER like always. There is plenty of personal drama to go around. But that only heightens once the lockdown goes into effect. It takes everyone by surprised and they don't know what to do. The doctors and nurses just feel the call to save as many lives as possible. Sharon is actually the lead negotiator trying to navigate through this tense situation. She is the person the gunman actually trusts because she treated him with compassion during his earlier time in the ER. She wanted to help him explore his parental options by recommending a lawyer while respecting the patient's privacy. He didn't listen to that advice though. Instead, he went out and got a gun. He brought it into the ER in order to be taken seriously. He may not have thought through this action. But he's still responsible for everything that ultimately happens as a result. Sure, it may ensure that his pregnant girlfriend doesn't give up the baby for adoption as was planned. That's a massive change. And yet, she still has the same opinion about him. She doesn't want him in her life. She doesn't see him as a father who has stepped up over the last nine months to prove that he is capable of tackling this responsibility alongside her. That may be the opinion her father is forcing onto her. But it still needs to be respected because she's the one dealing with the pregnancy and difficult delivery. As the mother going through these changes, she has a right to make the decisions about the future she wants for her child. The father does have rights. But he immediately presents as a toxic individual the moment he pulls out the gun even though it only accidentally goes off and shoots her father. He also shoots the security guard who comes running. That is the only time he fires the weapon. But it still gives him an immense sense of power over the proceedings as he tries to find a way out of this. It eventually leads to his death because he still believes that he and his girlfriend can run away and start a peaceful family together. That's not a reality for them. Sharon tries to convince him that hope still exists so long as he shows compassion to the patients who need medical care trapped inside the lockdown. She wants to end this without any more bloodshed. But she is still forced into the position to push him into the kill zone so that the SWAT takes the fatal shot to defuse the situation. That's an active choice she makes here. That's the most difficult one she has to make. It was hard for her to even enter the lockdown after not being one of the initial hostages. She brings in the supplies necessary for Connor, Maggie, Ethan, April, Natalie and Will to keep their patients alive. This entire situation forces them to act quickly and do procedures they may not be comfortable doing in this environment. April places a central line and a chest tube in a young child here. That's brutal to watch. But all of the patients pull through this experience. That includes Connor's father who has a heart attack. That's a pretty broad story though that mostly proves how Connor isn't willing to say goodbye to his father just yet despite all the horrible things he has done. Meanwhile, Natalie recognizes that Will stayed in the lockdown to keep her safe. She appreciates that while also noticing that Will and Agent Lee are becoming a couple as well. So, things are moving towards a more hopeful future. But this also plays as just the latest crazy situation to happen to these characters at work.