Thursday, April 4, 2019

REVIEW: 'Grey's Anatomy' - Megan Returns to Hopefully Knock Some Sense Into Her Brother in 'The Whole Package'

ABC's Grey's Anatomy - Episode 15.20 "The Whole Package"

Owen and Teddy have to deal with the surprise arrival of Megan Hunt, who knows nothing about their situation. Catherine preps for her first surgery back on a war veteran who's not emotionally prepared for his procedure. Meredith worries about DeLuca operating alone with Richard.

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"The Whole Package" was written by Meg Marinis and directed by Geary McLeod

Someone absolutely needed to come in and knock some sense into Owen. It's nice that it is his sister, Megan. The show made such a big deal about her return in the previous season. It was a very concise and short story arc that led to her leaving her family behind to start over with Nathan Riggs. But it's also appreciated that the sibling bond still exists between Owen and Megan. Sure, it's cruel that Owen has been keeping her in the dark about everything that has been going on in his life. He has been dealing with a lot of melodrama lately with Teddy, Amelia, Betty and Leo. His life has changed dramatically since Megan came back into his life. She has a new opportunity to do whatever she wants. She is helping people obtain the same surgery that saved her. That procedure earned so much praise for Meredith. And now, it's a gift that she can give to other people. It may be a complicated surgery for Catherine's first one back after her own. But it's also a tremendous and joyous gift. Sure, she is absolutely right to call off the surgery after learning that her patient may not have the support system to deal with the recovery. That allows her to open up to Jackson about how much she loves him for looking out for her no matter how annoying it may seem in the moment. She knows that she is only back in the operating room because of the support she gets from her husband and son. Megan has that support system as well. And now, she is calling her brother a dum-dum because he seems to be acting so impulsively as of late. Yes, his pursuit of having a child was very valid. It was brought on because of him struggling in relationships for so long. But Megan is right to say that he needs therapy to better understand the actions he has taken over the past year. He flew all the way to Germany to see Teddy at the urging of Amelia. And yet, he kept bouncing back and forth between them because his actions always made them angry with him. It now seems as if both of them are moving on with their lives without him in it. He isn't romantically involved with either of them. They have sacrificed so much in their lives to be supportive of him as well. Amelia no longer has shared custody with Leo and Teddy is no longer working her dream job in Germany. They are willing to make so much work for Owen. He just doesn't seem to understand his pattern of running away whenever people call him out for how horrible he has been acting. Everyone is in this current situation because of his issues. He still has to process them in a healthy way. Hopefully, he can do that before Teddy gives birth because that will only further cause complications. Owen isn't the only person who is running away from his problems. Jo also sees that as the pattern of her life. She has always been willing to run away whenever a commitment got too real. She has found a loving and happy relationship with Alex. She has been holding onto that for a long time. She has gotten stronger because of Alex and her friends at the hospital. But now, she is incredibly depressed because she understands that her mother has acted the same way and her father is an absolutely despicable human being who caused nothing but pain. She doesn't know how to ration that. Alex is smart to send Link over there to hopefully get her to open up. He is busy with his own patient which is setting up a longterm story for the season. But he is also committed to helping Jo through this even though he barely understands what's currently going on with her.