Thursday, April 4, 2019

REVIEW: 'Superstore' - Amy Makes Her Case for Why She Should Become a Cloud 9 Manager in 'Minor Crimes'

NBC's Superstore - Episode 4.14 "Minor Crimes"

Amy jumps at an amazing career opportunity, only to run up against an executive with a major grudge against her. Jonah and Mateo help Glenn with a financial problem. Garrett and Cheyenne struggle to spend a day without cell phones.

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"Minor Crimes" was written by L.E. Correia and directed by Ross Novie

Glenn acted impulsively when he decided to quit as manager. It was a decision he made in order to spend more time with his family. That is important to him. Plus, the opening of this episode clarifies that he's not leaving the store. Moving forward, he will just be working on the floor like all of the other employees. Sure, that probably comes with a reduction in pay. That doesn't seem to factor into any of the decisions being made about the health and security of his family though. That is a little odd. It was important when Amy decided she wanted to become a manager at Cloud 9. She was treated poorly after giving birth to her son. She was forced back to work immediately. That was so unfair. She needs money in order to care for her children and produce a significantly better life for herself. She may not like Cloud 9 as an overall company. But she is good at this job. Plus, she is incredibly qualified to be Glenn's replacement. It seems like everything is coming together perfectly for her at the moment. Glenn can have the confidence to quit because he knows that someone he trusts will replace him. Plus, Amy understands that she can move up the corporate ladder without having to make any significant changes to her life. She isn't leaving this store for another one across town. She has a rapport with her fellow employees. They understand what it's like to work for her. Of course, things will be different now that she's the boss. That is bound to be a lot of fun. But this episode is focused on Amy actually stepping up and taking this opportunity. She is immediately presented as the most qualified person for the job. She would love to get it based on her own merits. She doesn't want to blackmail someone just to advance her own career. She doesn't feel good about doing that. And yet, that is the situation she finds herself in. Laurie would much rather give the job to her son. Blaine has absolutely no idea what he's doing. It's nepotism that could really destroy this store. It seems like the decision has been made. Plus, Laurie doesn't like Amy because of the time she ran her over with a golf cart. She is still dealing with physical therapy to recover from that accident. She doesn't want to hear Amy out. She has to though. And in the end, Amy only gets the promotion because she has incriminating evidence against Laurie that could end her own career in this company. Amy would love to live in a world where this job is hers because she is the best person to have it. The show is very realistic in understanding that's not the world that anyone lives in though. Instead, she has to fight for it by making her intentions clear. That too is such a fascinating moment. Amy is uncomfortable about blackmailing Laurie. But she also sees it as the best for everyone at the store and not just herself. Elsewhere, it's ridiculous to watch as Jonah and Mateo learn that Glenn has actually been embezzling money from the store since he has been manager. He has been taking money that was left over from various maintenance projects. He sees it as a safety net for whenever the store needs it. The law probably wouldn't see it the same way. As such, Glenn spends his last day as manager by absolutely destroying the store. That too is an amusing story. It's great how the damage doesn't even add up to what he has taken from corporate. That means he literally has to drive his car through the front doors in order to even everything out. That is insane. It once again proves that that car is always getting destroyed based on the actions of the people in that parking lot. Plus, the damage is now Amy's to deal with.