Monday, April 22, 2019

REVIEW: 'Legends of Tomorrow' - Sara and Ava Face Challenges in Purgatory in 'The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe'

The CW's Legends of Tomorrow - Episode 4.12 "The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe"

With darkness on the rise in 2019, the team realizes that a new host of problems have risen as they have been cleaning up history. Sara tries to save Ava from a fate worse than death while battling her own demons. Nora and Constantine work together to take down a powerful demon. Zari gets unsolicited advice from Mona, Charlie and Rory.

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"The Eggplant, The Witch & The Wardrobe" was written by Morgan Faust & Daphne Miles and directed by Mairzee Almas

The fate of Ava's soul rests on whether she and Sara can work together to assemble a piece of furniture. That's simplistic of the overall story here. But it's also fascinating to see the show's version of purgatory as Ava and Sara having to make these major and relatable commitments as a couple. They are terrifying despite how simple they seem to be. They recently broke up. That was a devastating moment. And now, it's revealed that Ava has actually been kidnapped by Neron with plans for her to become his new human host. That too is very terrifying. If she fails to make it out of purgatory, then her soul will forever be condemned by this demon. Sure, Desmond isn't lost for good despite being the current demonic host. He is brought back to life here even though he doesn't forgive Constantine for everything that happened. He doesn't wish to forget either when given the choice. The burden of this tragedy must be carried by both of them moving forward. Constantine saves the man he loves but isn't able to reconcile with him. Sara and Ava are the complete opposite. Purgatory presents as a bunch of tasks that embody their greatest fears about the future. It's a terrifying prospect to think about spending 50 years with someone. It has less to do with the mattress they are shopping for and more about the honest conversation they are having. Plus, purgatory is more than happy to send them off on a new mission that will test their bond and determination to be together. It's more than just one puzzle that needs to be solved. It's actually the simplicities of life that threatens to tear them apart. Ava wants to live together with Sara. She doesn't want them to be heading into the action and saving time every single day. She wants to enjoy a life together. They both love the work they do. They just don't want that to compromise who they are or their willingness to help people in need. Ava isn't replaceable either. That too is a very genuine fear because she could easily be swapped with another of the clone models from the future. Sara could build a new life with one of them. And yet, that's not what Sara wants. She wants a future with Ava. Her showing that passion leads both of them out of purgatory. That is a very rousing sequence that gives this episode its big emotional hook. Elsewhere, the show leads the audience to believe that Nora has once again betrayed the legends only for her true plan to be revealed later on. It doesn't quite work here because she informs Constantine earlier that Neron could be suffocated to death on Earth if he doesn't have a host to occupy. If he were to come out of Desmond with nowhere to go, then he would perish. That too may be the easy way to defeat the latest big villain. It doesn't work either because not enough characters are in the know about what's going on. Of course, the hour also sidelines a large number of the ensemble with stories that don't really matter. Sure, Nate committing to finishing his father's project and Zari stressing out about a text to Nate are amusing. They just don't seem related to anything else that is going on at the moment. Meanwhile, Ray is the one who actually interrupts the big moment where Constantine and Nora are trying to kill Neron. It's ridiculous that Constantine believes that the villain is vanquished as well. Nora is now trapped in a coma while Ray is the one who has become possessed. So, things will only continue to grow more complicated for the legends this season.