Thursday, April 18, 2019

REVIEW: 'The Good Fight' - Lucca Questions the Legitimacy of Her New Client in 'The One with the Celebrity Divorce'

CBS All Access' The Good Fight - Episode 3.06 "The One with the Celebrity Divorce"

Celebrity hairdresser Wade V seeks Lucca's help with a postnuptial agreement for a high profile client. Following their deal with Second Helix, Blum makes his presence well known at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart, rattling some partners more than others. With political pundits buzzing about the resistance group's covert efforts, Diane takes her axe throwing to the next level.

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"The One with the Celebrity Divorce" was written by Davita Scarlett and directed by Tess Malone

The firm getting their hands on the golden shower tape last season was one of the most delightfully absurd things the show has ever done. That story concluded with the tape being handed over to Ruth Eastman and the DNC. It was then locked away so that it could serve as the October surprise during the 2020 election in the hopes that would be enough to get Trump out of office. That seemed like the final point on this specific story. But now, the show is wisely aware that it's not the end for the firm if the speculation is out there that they possess a copy of this tape. They understand just how sensitive and damaging it could potentially be. They are allowing the DNC to control the narrative around this potential story. They aren't the ones driving the story forward in order to craft the overall narrative for the public. And yet, Diane and Liz are members of an actual resistance group as well. The book club is even getting notoriety for their actions. This venture may have started in bad faith. But now, they see things being done in a positive way. They are actually making change. They are celebrating while continuing to plot their next actions. Diane and Liz notify their fellow members to the potential of Melania Trump contacting the firm to represent her in divorce proceedings. They see how all of this could be one huge coincidence after the group decided to target her next. But they aren't the ones behind this latest deception. They may have forced a famous singer to take a firm political stance for the first time. But they aren't crafting a new story in the hopes that the firm will release the golden shower tape and further decrease the President's support. They are innocent in all of this. They are in the dark just as much as Lucca, Diane and Liz are. Of course, Lucca is the one driving this story forward. It's fascinating to see the show handle this debate over whether any of this is real or just some cheap ploy. Lucca wants to believe it's real and that she is potentially making a difference in the direction of the country. She doesn't know that the firm has the tape. She is surprised by that reveal. But that's also the evidence that disproves this entire story. Lucca is willing to put up with all of the secrecy methods in order to protect her client's identity. There is the evidence that may prove she is actually talking with the First Lady of the United States. The show carefully mines the role she has to play in this administration. She has launched her "Be Best" campaign. And yet, she doesn't really make headlines. There is the understanding that she may barely stand Trump and the disruptions his political ambitions have done to their life together. She didn't want any of this. But she also stands firmly in support of him. She never makes any statements in defiance of her husband. In fact, the rare moments she does speak out she does so in a way that may challenge the media's understanding of her. That may make this notion of divorce hard to believe. The audience may be desperate to see it. But it would also be so unheard of in modern day politics. As such, it's not all that surprising when Lucca sees it as nothing but a scam interested in getting the tape for release. But the show also does a fine job in exploring the role that Melania plays in this current environment in which everyone does have to take a stand and face the consequences for their actions. This hour is mostly looking for accountability and dispelling some notions we may have about her.

Elsewhere, the story is still mostly in setup mode of Roland Blum infecting the minds of the partners at the firm. There was already the sense that Adrian was coming around to Blum's way of doing business. He sees the results and is proud to boast them as great achievements for what's possible at this business. He is constantly looking at the future and how the firm can survive while continuing to grow. He wants to be made aware of everything that is happening in his firm - even though he also leaks the news that Kim Kardashian could potentially be a new client. He doesn't have a strong hold over the firm right now. He is susceptible to Blum's suggestions. He sees him as a potential ally to have in this fight as they expand the business. Blum is certainly helping the partners in order to sway a favorable opinion from them. He helps Julius in his pursuit of becoming a judge. Marissa has to mentally prepare herself for every interaction because she can't let his appeals detract from how horrible a person he is. But Diane appears to be the only one who stands proudly against Blum. Liz feels more than comfortable ignoring him for the time being. The other partners don't see it as a problem that he hasn't touched the mountains of paperwork from Second Helix. They just see the benefit in driving new business to the firm in the form of expanding ties with Lemond Bishop. That's the benefit of having Blum as a part of this business. Diane isn't wavering at all though. Instead, she is honing her skills and making proud decisions about what she will stay committed to for the foreseeable future. At the moment, that's all about her axe throwing. That has proven to be a great outlet for her rage at the world. She has gotten quite skilled after a month of practice as well. Even that space is being invaded by Blum though. He wants to appeal to her too. He doesn't understand why she hasn't come around to him like the rest of the partners have. His actions towards Maia don't even factor into anyone's decisions here either. In fact, it's not really noticeable until the end that Maia doesn't appear in this episode at all. That should be very telling as well on whether she should return with a new character direction. Right now though, Diane won't let Blum disrupt the place she calls home. She is taking the fight to people who deserve to be on the offensive now. She is tired of sitting back and reacting to the crazy world. She is being proactive. She just may have to become a monster in order to deal with the threats that have taken over the world. How far is she willing to go to achieve that dream though?