Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Development News - Comedy Central Orders Pilot for Comedy 'Chasers' Starring Rob Huebel; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - June 12, 2019

Amazon's On the Spectrum and Comedy Central's Chasers

  • CHASERS (Comedy, Single Camera) - Starring Rob Huebel (Childrens Hospital) and Cathy Shim (Reno 911). Written by Shim, Robert Ben Garant and Kevin Healey. Executive produced by Huebel, Shim, Garant, Healey, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens. Produced by Propagate. Logline: Set in the world of the after dark, independent news video hunters of Los Angeles. While these "independent filmmakers" are considered just a notch below the paparazzi on the food chain, they have even less shame and nothing will stop them in their quest to hawk shocking footage to news outlets. There's not a car crash, police chase, celebrity DUI, convenience store smash and grab, baby bear in a swimming pool, or taco truck fire they won't race to. Every night out on the streets, there are winners and losers. But, mostly losers. And this is their story.
  • Rick Glassman, Sue Ann Pien, Albert Rutecki, Sosie Bacon and Chris Pang will star in the comedy pilot written by Jason Katims. Glassman starred for three seasons in NBC's Undateable. Pien and Rutecki are relative newcomers. Bacon starred in HBO's one-season drama Here and Now. Pang appeared in the 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians.
  • Glassman will play Jack, wildly intelligent and a brilliant computer programmer, but his brutal honesty, and complete lack of filter, often make him his own worst enemy. At his deepest level, he has this raw earnestness, but his inability to process, let alone display, emotion weighs heavily on the few relationships he's been able to maintain.
  • Pien will play Violet, a fountain of emotion, always displaying and verbally processing any and every feeling she has. Her greatest hope and desire is to be like everyone else her age: have a great job and a boyfriend. She feels like an outsider which makes it challenging for her to blend in completely.
  • Rutecki will play Harrison, eager, loving, quick to laugh, and if he had the wherewithal to be generous, he would be. But he's not quite there. He's very loyal, but has trouble interacting with society - partly because of his strong resistance to leaving his apartment, and partly because he just doesn't understand the rules.
  • Bacon will play Mandy, funny, winning and has an instinctual kind of empathy for this trio that she has been hired to help guide toward independent living as their therapeutic aide. She struggles to figure out her own future which seems to always get overlooked because she is constantly putting out fires for the roommates.
  • Pang will play Van, Violet's salt-of-the-earth older brother. He's brash, but would give anything and does everything he can for his sister, somehow trying to balance his role as her sole guardian with the life of a single 29-year-old.