Thursday, June 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'iZombie' - Blaine Shares His Story While Major Looks for a New Brain Supplier in 'The Scratchmaker'

The CW's iZombie - Episode 5.06 "The Scratchmaker"

After consuming the brain of the ultimate matchmaker, Liv is determined to find the perfect match for Major. Blaine will stoop to any level to protect himself. Don E contemplates an interesting offer.

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"The Scratchmaker" was written by Joshua Levy & Prathi Srinivasan and directed by Malcolm Goodwin

Throughout all five seasons, Blaine has presented with the cunning ability to survive no matter what. He has always been a monstrous criminal who was willing to take advantage of zombies in order to profit for himself. This season started with him on top of the world. He was the suppler of brains to Seattle. Major needed him. It was a tenuous alliance. One that has been completely destroyed now. Of course, it's also a little lame how Blaine was exposed as the monster he is simply because Al could easily manipulate him. She didn't buy into his charms at all. She doesn't know how anyone could. She has disdain for those who have fallen under his spell in the past. That includes Peyton as well as Don E. Blaine has always been the head of his organization. Whenever one of his associates was eliminated, he found a way to easily replace them. But now, he's the one threatened with extinction. He's in jail because an article exposed some of his crimes. Sure, it's unclear just how much damning evidence is available that can actually convict him. It's enough for near constant protests outside the Scratching Post which essentially kills its entire business. However, he is still released on bail. Plus, his lawyer figures that he can get the entire case dismissed because he's sleeping with the judge. That reveal mostly just means that Blaine's ultimate fate won't be decided by the criminal justice system. He has done horrifying things. He admits to being a monster by the close of this hour. He sees it as what he was forced into being in order to survive in this world. He mostly did it in order to thrive and take advantage of a vulnerable and scary situation though. And now, he is once again killing people in order to make a profit. Ravi was so concerned about terminal kids being hunted for their brains because of the cure developed from Isobel. That's what occurs here with Blaine taking full advantage of that because he sees it as his only form of income. He is cut out of the brain smuggling business entirely. That comes with the reveal that Al is actually Stacey Boss' niece. She was deliberately sent to expose his crimes to cut him out of this criminal arrangement. That makes her seem less like a passionate journalist and more as a biased individual who wanted to take Blaine down no matter what. Now, everyone essentially agrees that Blaine belongs in jail. However, he isn't by the close of this hour. He finds a new way to remain powerful. He does so while informing the audience that this is his story. Of course, it's not a new story for the audience. This is who Blaine has always been. There isn't any new insight into the character. He is just more angry than he has ever been before because he has come against some incredible resistance. Plus, the show only somewhat commits to this construct because there are several other stories as well. The focus on Blaine really only cuts down on the murder investigation and the brain-of-the-week for Liv. Matchmaker brain really only amounts to a couple of punchlines at the expense of Don E. However, he has a genuine moment when he decides to team up with Boss and betray Blaine. Sure, both of them underestimate Major's ability to find a new solution to the brain shortage. So, not everything goes according to plan here. But it feels like the best fix for the current situation. Of course, it seems completely untenable for the future because of all the threats from within the city as well as Major hiring another criminal after his past connection to brains was arrested. That's bound to stir up quite a bit of controversy as well.