Wednesday, July 17, 2019

REVIEW: 'Suits' - The Partners Scramble to Honor Robert While Protecting Their Business in 'Everything's Changed'

USA's Suits - Episode 9.01 "Everything's Changed"

Harvey and Samantha fight to keep Zane's name on the wall. Alex warns Louis of the consequences.

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"Everything's Changed" was written by Aaron Korsh and directed by Christopher Misiano

The survival of the firm has been a central interest throughout the entire run of the show. The title sequence reflects all of the name changes that have occurred during the nine seasons so far. The partners have faced many existential threats. The later seasons have seen named partners actually disbarred because of the actions they have taken to protect their friends at the firm. Jessica and Robert were both willing to fall on their swords in order to keep everyone else in business. Now, we could absolutely dig into the racial politics of those moves and how they severely impacted Jessica and Robert's lives without allowing any real consequences for the people still at the firm. And yet, this premiere opens with the understanding that Robert leaving wasn't enough to appease the situation. Daniel Hardman may no longer be targeting the firm. He is no longer the threat to Harvey's license. But now, the New York bar sees fit to take a control over the firm to analyze how it has been mismanaged over the years. It's a scandal that erupts because the partners refuse to take Robert's name off the wall. Harvey, Louis and Donna were willing to part ways with Jessica when the same happened to her. But that came from an honest discussion with the partner involved. She understood why the firm had to change its name and even attack her for her illegal actions. Sure, she wasn't the only one who knew about Mike being a fraud. She was just the only name partner who admitted to it on the record. That made her a target. But Harvey and Louis could justify it because it was a crime she knowingly committed and was being punished for. With Robert, he had nothing to do with the situation. He didn't have to insert himself at all. He chose to do so as a way of serving penance for his past actions in trying to protect Samantha. The guilt has apparently been eating away at him for years. This is something he is happy to do because he can peacefully retire to be with his family and his vineyard in upstate New York. And yet, the firm remains in chaos. The partners are all stuck with the morality of this decision. They see the value in honoring Robert's legacy because his career was so much more than this fateful action that took his license. But the outside world doesn't have that perspective. Instead, they see a firm that is failing to grasp the reality of their crumbling business. As such, Louis may have no choice but to turn over control to the bar. Otherwise, he could be risking the careers of everyone who works for him. That may not be the way he wants his tenure as managing partner to end. But it may be the reality nevertheless. Jessica and Robert were fine with the decisions they made because they had established lives outside of the firm. Louis and Alex have their families they can focus on. Meanwhile, Harvey and Donna have the delight of their new romance. They have finally admitted that this is what they have wanted all along. It's such a rewarding moment. It's about damn time they started seeing each other. It's happy news worth celebrating. But again, the power of perception can be absolutely crushing. Samantha is angry because she perceives herself as being the only one who lost something of value from this entire ordeal. She wants to be loyal but it's difficult with each development that comes her way. She is really struggling. Harvey makes a sacrifice to help the firm stay afloat. It should just be interesting to see if that's enough to keep everything salvageable for now. He too holds onto the past very tightly. He is very sentimental. He sees the value of honoring Robert and keeping Mike's old apartment. And yet, he may be forced to accept that the future may be better as soon as he accepts his own failings from the past and embraces what was always right in front of him.