Wednesday, July 31, 2019

REVIEW: 'Suits' - Harvey and Donna Antagonize Faye While Louis Gets an Offer for His Dream Job in 'Windmills'

USA's Suits - Episode 9.03 "Windmills"

Harvey takes a case to send Faye a message. Louis is presented with a new opportunity.

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"Windmills" was written by Marshall Knight & Rob LaMorgese and directed by Gabriel Macht

Everyone at the firm believes that Faye is operating with malicious intent. She is trying to destroy everything that Harvey, Donna, Louis, Alex and Samantha have built with this firm. That's not entirely true though. The show has always offered the argument that the way the protagonists conduct their business is the way that all corporate lawyers do so. It's not something that is systemic to this one particular business and its partners. But it also enjoys calling out just how illegal and immoral some of these actions can be as well. For the bar to take notice and step in, there has to be continual problems that bring attention to the specific firm. That's exactly what happened here after two name partners were disbarred in disgrace. And yet, the partners believe that Faye is operating out of her own selfish interests. That's how they always see business. It's the way that has been validated by the world around them and the foes they have always faced. This is the way to act in order to get ahead. Faye presents as someone new who operates under a much higher moral standard. She was absolutely in the right for removing Louis as managing partner. He was lashing out and upset because he got caught trying to remove her as special master. Now, that mission isn't done just because Louis misfired spectacularly. Alex and Samantha are still digging into it and may have a strategy they can implement at some point. That may show how they are the cooler heads who must prevail through all of this turmoil. In fact, Alex is presenting himself as someone who knows how to support his friends in their times of need. He took Louis out bowling in order to blow off steam. And now, he provides a sense of family to Samantha that allows her to feel confident looking for her birth parents. He is doing a great service to this firm even though his story feels very isolated at the moment. The same is also true of the ongoing drama with Katrina. Her concerns over having an associate seem much smaller than the battle for control and leadership happening amongst the name partners. She is a senior partner as well. She has a voice that demands to be heard. She just isn't incorporated as much into the debate as the other people in this particular story. As such, her time needs to be filled doing something else. She is able to use Faye's stature to her benefit though. That's a tactic that none of the other partners have figured out how to do yet. Everyone else assumes that any order from her comes with an underlying threat. If they don't do this particular action, then they run the risk of being fired or demoted. That's what they see as her leadership style after what happened to Louis. He is still a name partner though. In fact, he gets an offer to become a judge here. Now, it seemed unlikely that he would take that position. It was possible because this is the final season after all. But the support he always receives from his friends is so important. As such, it would be odd to see the firm without him there. He may feel scorned because of Harvey and Donna's new relationship but they will forever be on his side. They too see Faye as the enemy. And yes, Faye is probably in the wrong when it comes to asking Donna to serve as her secretary. That's beneath Donna even though she was the best secretary in the business. She has bigger responsibilities now as COO. That moment proves that Faye may not be right all the time. That may give the firm tools to use against her. How they use them could just come at a significant cost. Everything has presented as a war so far. If they keep the fight going though, they may cause more damage themselves than anything Faye has been trying to do.