Friday, August 23, 2019

Emmy Predictions 2019 - Who Will and Should Win for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series?

The nominations have been announced for The 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. So now, it's time to speculate on who will and should win in each major category. Next up for analysis is Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

The Nominees Ranked By Which Should Win:
  1. Gwendoline Christie for HBO's Game of Thrones - "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"
  2. Maisie Williams for HBO's Game of Thrones - "The Long Night"
  3. Fiona Shaw for BBC America's Killing Eve - "Nice and Neat"
  4. Sophie Turner for HBO's Game of Thrones - "Winterfell"
  5. Lena Headey for HBO's Game of Thrones - "The Bells"
  6. Julia Garner for Netflix's Ozark - "The Gold Coast"

"A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" was the best episode from the final season of Game of Thrones. There is really no question about that. A huge part of its success comes from Gwendoline Christie as well. The rest of the series may not have done right by her character. But in that episode she shined in such a powerful and transcendent way. Her character was given the validation that she has long strived for in this world. She did so surrounded by people she admired and respected. They extended the same to her as well. It was such a well-earned moment. Of course, Game of Thrones also crafted a number of incredible battle sequences this year with many of these nominees being central to the action. That was where Maisie Williams had the opportunity to shine. But Sophie Turner and Lena Headey had their moments as well where the audience still felt passionately about the fates that were coming for their specific characters. It may be easy to get caught up in the Game of Thrones of it all as well. It is all consuming of this race. But Fiona Shaw has long been the third lead that elevates Killing Eve. So much of the attention rightfully goes to Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer's lead performances. But Shaw is also doing vital work that allows her to be funny and absolutely pivotal to the twists and turns of the narrative. 

The Nominees Ranked by Which Will Win:
  1. Lena Headey for HBO's Game of Thrones - "The Bells"
  2. Maisie Williams for HBO's Game of Thrones - "The Long Night"
  3. Fiona Shaw for BBC America's Killing Eve - "Nice and Neat"
  4. Julia Garner for Netflix's Ozark - "The Gold Coast"
  5. Gwendoline Christie for HBO's Game of Thrones - "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"
  6. Sophie Turner for HBO's Game of Thrones - "Winterfell"

A Game of Thrones actress has never actually won in this category. In fact, Peter Dinklage is the only actor from the beloved fantasy show to win an Emmy for acting. That show certainly has the perception of being a behemoth that is showered with trophies by these voters. That may still be the expected outcome in many of the categories this year. And yet, many of the races have to be seen as competitive as well. It may seem unlikely that Fiona Shaw or Julia Garner will win here. But it's absolutely possible because they stand out for not coming from the same show. In fact, Shaw may stand out because of the colorful world that she comes from as opposed to the dark and grim world views constantly on display in Game of Thrones and Ozark. But anyone predicting this outcome should mostly look at which Game of Thrones actress has the right kind of momentum. Gwendoline Christie absolutely has the best episode. Based solely on the acting in the final season, she should be the winner. But the voters could easily hand the award to Lena Headey as a somewhat consolation prize for not giving it to her on her many previous nominees. She has been the perennial nominee in this field. Christie and Sophie Turner are completely new this year while Maisie Williams has only managed one previous nomination. Of course, Williams had a very active story during the final season. Two of the Game of Thrones submission episodes essentially feature her running around chaos and destruction trying not to die from the various threats that are destroying the ground below. That may be agonizing to watch for an extended period of time. But it's certainly more exciting than Headey looking out a window for large chunks of the final season. 

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Let me know in the comments below!