Wednesday, August 21, 2019

REVIEW: 'Suits' - Harvey, Louis, Donna and Alex Fight to Get Samantha's Job Back in 'Whatever It Takes'

USA's Suits - Episode 9.06 "Whatever It Takes"

Harvey makes a play to get Samantha's job back. Katrina faces off against an old friend.

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"Whatever It Takes" was written by Ethan Drogin and directed by Michael Smith

The lawyers at Specter Litt Wheeler Williams believe everyone has done something unethical in their lives. That's the way that they have long experienced the world of corporate law. It's the only way to actually get ahead in a way that is lucrative and beneficial to their clients. Sure, that's not the kind of lawyer Katrina wants to be. And yet, her interests are largely kept separate from everything else that has been going on at the firm as of late. The series has shown the main characters committing unethical acts many times in order to gain more power and respect in this world. It's how many of them ultimately got their names on the wall. That's the prize that everyone was chasing for so long. But now, only Donna seems to realize that going after Faye in an extreme way after she fires Samantha could ultimately lead to the complete implosion of the firm itself. What use is it fighting for Samantha's job if there is no longer a business for her to return to? The name partners forge ahead anyway. They have to believe that there is something in Faye's past that they can use as leverage. They will protect their own even though Harvey's huge fight with Samantha is what got her fired in the first place. He feels guilty about that. And yet, everyone knew that Faye was operating from a strong ethical code and would fire anyone who did anything shady when she was in charge. Samantha did so anyway because she didn't think she would get caught. She was doing so in order to win a case. It didn't matter that she was going against her partner. It didn't matter that it could cost her the career she worked hard to build. And now, she is once again fighting to hold onto that power. She doesn't want to feel abandoned with no control over her life. That defined her entire childhood. She never wants to accept that as her worldview anymore. But doing more unethical actions isn't going to suddenly fix this situation. Samantha wants to believe that the FBI can actually help her. They can't. She just turns on a client and gets immunity for the past crimes she did for him. That is beneficial to a certain extent. But it still doesn't lead to her getting her job back. That's the one thing she has desperately held onto. It takes Robert to bring some clarity to her life. Her work doesn't have to be the sole thing in her life. As such, she feels unburdened to pursue the truth about her biological parents. She even has Harvey along for the ride as a friend who wants to support her no matter what. Harvey was all ready to take this shot at Faye because he uncovered the truth about the one and possibly only questionably corrupt thing in her life. She has long lived by such high standards. And yet, she used her husband's crimes to take all of his money in exchange for getting the bar to drop the official investigation that could take away his license and send him to jail. She explains that she did so in order to protect their daughter. She didn't want to ruin the image her daughter has of her parents. She wants her to maintain that strong connection with both of them. It's a rationalization she uses to clarify that her actions are different from Samantha's. Her past decision came from a place of love and compassion. Samantha's came from a deep desire to win no matter what. This firm may be better off without Samantha around. It's just important to admit that the friendships built have to remain strong throughout all of this. Harvey has to accept that he is willing to throw Louis a baby shower and drop his pursuit against Faye because Donna tells him to do so. He may not always know what's best. But he has people around him who understand his instincts and help curb his impulses. That's what Samantha has needed as well. She has that with her friends from the firm. So, she may truly belong there. It's just clear that this business and its partners still have more learning to do and acceptance over how they should act in this world.