Wednesday, August 7, 2019

REVIEW: 'Suits' - Faye Sees a Conflict of Interest Regarding Harvey and Donna's Personal Relationship in 'Cairo'

USA's Suits - Episode 9.04 "Cairo"

Faye takes action against Harvey and Donna's relationship, as Harvey looks to impress Donna's father.

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"Cairo" was written by Sharyn Rothstein and directed by Anton Cropper

Did the prison corruption story with Tommy Bratton really need to return? This is the final season and it's significant that the characters have to face these blasts from the past to see if they would handle things differently now. However, the flashbacks don't really add much to the proceedings here. In fact, the importance of the story returning is mostly so that Rosalie is finally informed about everything that her husband did. She really wasn't a character when all of this was introduced as the action that could send Alex to prison. But now, his home life has been getting more attention. His bond with Samantha has flourished because she appreciates finally feeling like a member of a family. She will do anything to protect that. That means she's the one who ultimately delivers the threat to Alex's former colleague. Of course, the show seemingly keeps the ongoing threat from Brian Hallisay's Craig alive a little bit. He may no longer be targeting Alex with this specific blackmail but he still has an ongoing case against Samantha. That could prove to be interested. It would probably be a better service for the actor as well who can do more than what he is given here. He brings up the past mostly for the thematic idea of everything coming full circle during the full season. It could carry more consequences now with Faye in charge of the firm. However, that is only something that Alex and Samantha speculate about. They never actually have to deal with Faye targeting them. She is instead trying to ruin the relationship between Harvey and Donna. That's significant as well. It's just more in line with the stories actively being pursued by this season instead of reintroducing a plot thread from the past. Both absolutely have their merits from a narrative perspective. The firm is still trying to figure out the best way of dealing with Faye's continued presence. Sure, it's silly that Louis wants to equivocate losing Gretchen as his personal secretary to Donna potentially losing her vote because of her romantic relationship. Donna is just as important and vital to the stability and direction of this firm as any of the name partners. Harvey, Louis, Alex and Samantha are all willing to stand by that. They know her worth. They won't allow Faye to come in and diminish Donna's role within the firm. Of course, it's also hard to get a good reading on if this is a personal slight or the actions of a pragmatic individual. Faye says she is doing all of this to avoid any conflicts of interest when it comes to the decisions that have to be made at the top. And yet, it feels like a personal attack to Donna. Something that is part of a pattern that could signal a problem with the way Faye wishes to conduct business in this role. The show is leaving these questions open-ended because it feels the importance of playing both sides. The audience shouldn't know whether we should trust Faye's intentions as pure. That's the excitement and intrigue of this particular storyline. The firm will always protect Donna. That's appreciated. Plus, it never gets in the way of the big developments that continue to happen in Donna and Harvey's relationship. Things may be dysfunctional and in turmoil for a brief moment here. However, Harvey understands that his actions can sometimes come across as him being disrespectful when that's not his intention. He owns up to his mistakes. Meanwhile, Donna has to be willing to let Harvey in on all of the problems she faces. She no longer has to deal with them by herself. That allows them to come together in a really beautiful way at the conclusion of this hour. It's great to see Donna playfully teasing Harvey about this faux-proposal that may signal an engagement. Their romance may be moving quickly this season. And yet, it all feels earned because the buildup has been so significant for such a long time. Everyone is just happy to celebrate that it is now officially happening and it's good for both of them.