Saturday, October 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Raising Dion' - Mark's Past Leading Up to His Death is Revealed in 'ISSUE #105: Days of Mark's Future Past'

Netflix's Raising Dion - Episode 1.05 "ISSUE #105: Days of Mark's Future Past"

The life-altering events surrounding Mark's past come into focus. Nicole struggles to give Dion his dream birthday. Esperanza makes a discovery.

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"ISSUE #105: Days of Mark's Future Past" was written by Carol Barbee and directed by Seith Mann

The narrative fundamentally understands that at this point of the season it needs to be a little bit more transparent about the mythology. As such, it's helpful to produce an episode that highlights Mark's own experiences in this world as someone with powers. He appears to be an early victim who didn't quite understand the threats that were out there. He could run the tests to prove that he and everyone else exposed in Iceland had been changed on a molecular level. However, he didn't know what that meant. Instead, he was dealing with the instability of his newfound powers the same way that Dion has been in the present day. He is so happy and in love with Nicole. He is committed to being a more active and engaged parent than he had. And yet, the Iceland incident occurred before he knew he would be a father. That came to define who he was in the final years of his life. He was seeking out answers and missing out on his family. In hindsight, Nicole can see some of the ways in which he hid all of this from her. They got in a fight on the phone about him missing Dion's birthday party only for him to be in the house once she hangs up. It played as a surprise in the moment. In reality though, it was Mark calling out to the universe about wanting to be in this specific place. He does meet Charlotte who provides some sense of answers. But it's not long before the storm arrives and snatches him up. He saves Charlotte's life. He is just ripped apart in the process. He is broken down on a molecular level once more. It appears as if his energy joins this beast. He was given these magnificent powers by the universe. Everyone gifted with them has kept a low profile. It's not some major scandal that has spread around the world. It's been allowed to pass on to the next generation before everyone understands the true threat that is out there. Nicole and Dion can see it on the horizon as they look out at the city after a busy day. That comes after Mark's ghost returns to them. It's clear even in death he wants to be here with them. There is no place he would rather be. He doesn't want Nicole to be dealing with all of this on her own. She is angry because he left her behind with all of this baggage. She has had to find some way to understand it. She does so even while knowing that she is constantly being spied on by Suzanne. The boss at BIONA understands that their security was breeched and something more may be going on with Pat and Dion. However, it's startling to see just how well Dion has hid his powers from being discovered. It helps that most people aren't conditioned to look out for them. There has to be overwhelming evidence right in their faces in order for them to believe. Of course, Esperanza was able to figure it out because she is often overlooked by the world. As such, she is a keen observer of what happens around her. That makes her a more genuine friend than anyone else at this party. Dion is simply trying to seem impressive and like he belongs. However, he feels like everyone else is growing up in a way that he isn't. He has outgrown this world but still clearly yearns for it. That is tragic. He wants these friendships to still mean something. Instead, he takes out his anger on the people who have supported him since moving. Nicole, Pat and Esperanza have tried being supportive of him. They help him during an asthma attack. It's unclear who all saw his inhaler fly through the air and caused the bouncy castle to deflate. He'll still be blamed for it because of the tantrum he threw. But again, there is an overwhelming sense in this narrative that the world continues to place obstacles in the way of this family being there for each other when it truly matters the most. That is true to life in a way that explains how superpowers would actually function in this world. But it's also a burden on Nicole because she is running around trying to control a lot when the world seemingly wants to make her suffer for all her efforts. Mark is still present. She just doesn't get the comfort she needs right now.