Saturday, October 5, 2019

REVIEW: 'Big Mouth' - Jessi and Maury Help Matthew with His First Date and Kiss with Aidan in 'Obsessed'

Netflix's Big Mouth - Episode 3.04 "Obsessed"

Cellsea goads Nick into posting a risqué video. Maury urges Matthew to speed things up with Aiden. Jay feeds Missy ideas for her erotic fiction.

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"Obsessed" was written by Kelly Galuska & Jaboukie Young-White and directed by Joel Moser

Dating can be absolutely nerve-wrecking and terrifying. The pressure is on to seem charming and interesting. Sexual attraction can be so confusing as well because of the hormones now constantly flowing through these characters. Matthew feels the pressure to have everything go perfectly with Aidan because it seems like the only opportunity he has to have this kind of connection. That is sad and tragic. But it's also so uplifting to see it play out across this episode. It's not something that goes awry or erupts into some major drama. Sure, there is tension that comes from Matthew's own uncertainty and nerves. He has always come across as so confident. And yet, he is vulnerable and unsure of himself here. He believes that Aidan is operating with so much more confidence and charm. He wants to make everything work. His conversations with Maury only seem to amplify his concerns as well. Again, these are the ways in which his hormones are charged at the moment. He wants to kiss this cute boy. He just feels the burden and pressure of this moment. There are expectations that are set too high for him. He can't follow through on this interaction at a public park. Instead, he has to rely on Jessi coming over with Aidan for a study date cover story to give to his parents. It can be agonizing that his family are completely oblivious to what he is going through and how he chooses to express his love. And yet, Jessi is a reliable friend who manages to keep them distracted long enough for Matthew to have his perfect first kiss. Sure, this isn't his first kiss after all and Maury has to remind him of that. Matthew doesn't want to count what happened with Jay because it wasn't something that could actually mean something. With Aidan, there is the possibility of more because they both present as confident with their sexuality. Sure, Matthew doesn't have everything figured out. But he doesn't need to either. That is perfectly fine as well. This is a sweet and charming episode for him no matter how disgusting Maury wants to make the whole experience. It also allows the ridiculous absurdity to occur elsewhere in the proceedings. It's fun to see Jay and Missy bonding over erotic fiction. He is still trying to embrace being bisexual and openly sharing that with the people in his life. He and Missy aren't close friends either. They eventually get to that point because they share some very great ideas over how to proceed with this specific story of fictional Nathan Fillion and Gustavo. It also presents as a way for them to get these urges out of their systems in a way that actually seems healthy. Sure, Missy may be petrified about anyone getting any inkling as to what she's writing about in her journal. However, Jay sees and encourages it further. His notes are helpful. And finally, Nick's obsession with his cell phone quickly implodes for him. He is corrupted by the influence of the online world. He feels the pressure to be just as funny and viral as everyone he clicks on. It's a world full of temptation that can prevent him from doing anything else. He is desperate for this relationship. It is a high he is continually creating. It highlights that it takes real maturity in order to wield this power. Even then, it can be crippling and complicated. Nick isn't ready for this. Diane still has an extreme reaction by drilling the phone into the table. That's outrageous but really gets the message across. Cellsea becomes the symbol for all that is destructive in the world. Nick can't handle that right now. Perhaps no one truly can. However, it does provide him with some sense of comfort because things can go back to the way that they were with Andrew and Connie. Of course, those relationships are constantly evolving as well. So, uncertainty is bound to follow in the aftermath of all of this.