Sunday, October 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'Raising Dion' - A Sudden Illness Risks Exposure of Dion's Powers in 'ISSUE #107: Why So Vomity?'

Netflix's Raising Dion - Episode 1.07 "ISSUE #107: Why So Vomity?"

When Dion is taken to the hospital with a mysterious ailment, Nicole and Pat worry his powers may be discovered.

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"ISSUE #107: Why So Vomity?" was written by Kimberly Ndombe and directed by Neema Barnette

Kat hasn't been a major character so far. She is Nicole's sister who has been skeptical about the suggestions that her nephew, Dion, has powers. That has been her one character note so far. And now, the show gives her some more definition right before letting her in on the core premise. She immediately becomes more necessary and fascinating as a result. Sure, it feels like character development that should have happened much earlier in the season. It would have given Nicole more allies to help her as she was coming to terms with what her son could now do. The show wanted a skeptic to be present though. That had to be a part of the drama apparently. Kat was concerned that her sister was holding on too tightly to Dion following Mark's death. She could only tolerate Pat's eagerness to help as well. And now, she can no longer deny what is right in front of her. Nicole only calls her in the first place because Dion is sick at school. Nicole conveniently can't leave work at that point but is more than willing to just walk out after learning her sister took him to the hospital. Moreover, she doesn't want to call Pat right away because of the awkwardness from that kiss. She doesn't want to be more than just friends with him. They eventually have that conversation. She makes it clear that this is what she needs right now. It comes after he gets to be the hero by cracking the encryption on Mark's secret files. He just has to rely on the tools at BIONA in order to do so. This episode certainly paints them as a nefarious organization as well. They are closely monitoring the situation with Dion. They are just waiting for the right moment to strike. They want to study him. That's the precise fate that Nicole wants to avoid. She sees it as inevitable the moment that he is admitted to the hospital. He can't be treated like any normal child because he isn't like every other child. He is special on a molecular level. He is different. That makes him powerful and unique. He wants to help people because that's what superheroes with powers do. However, he doesn't know how to heal Pat's migraines. That comes across as the trigger that causes this entire sickness. His problem is apparently more severe than the wolf in the BIONA lab. That's strange considering the wolf came from Iceland where the entire ecosystem is in flux. Something may have happened to Pat out there too. But again, that's not the focus for very long. Instead, it's all about these characters coming together as a family in order to help Dion. They all have to be willing to risk their entire lives to keep him safe. That means Nicole has to walk out of her job right when she is starting to impress the right people and could get promoted, which comes with health benefits. Kat has to lie to her girlfriend and then has to face disciplinary actions because she deleted Dion's medical files. And Pat uses his access at BIONA to crack the mystery even while knowing that he is probably being monitored. It all concludes with Suzanne making her move to acquire Dion. She moves under the guise of the CDC coming in to put Dion in quarantine. Sure, it's ridiculous that Nicole and Dion get to the front door before anyone tries to stop them from leaving. It shows just how slow important news like that can travel at the hospital. No one was watching closely after Kat was forced off the case. But it still produces that devastating final moment where the thing Nicole desperately tried to prevent actually happened. Her son is ripped away from her. And now, he will be studied by the people who may have caused all of this in the first place. That may bring better focus to the proceedings during the final episodes of the season. Of course, this episode also spends time with Charlotte researching what happened in Alabama. So, it may not get too much focus either with whatever happens next.