Sunday, October 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'Big Mouth' - Connie Helps Jessi Research How to Give Herself Pleasure in 'How to Have An Orgasm'

Netflix's Big Mouth - Episode 3.06 "How to Have An Orgasm"

Connie gives Jessi a crash course in female pleasure. Maury tries to talk Andrew into sending a dick pic. Nick lashes out at his new housemate. 

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"How to Have An Orgasm" was written by Emily Altman and directed by Bob Suarez

Connie mispronouncing "Google" may be Maya Rudolph's most amusing line reading of the season so far. It's always reliable that some pronunciation will be weird but glorious with her. And now, it comes in an episode all about Connie trying to help Jessi find sexual pleasure for herself. It was so crucial for the show to explore how both boys and girls develop at this age. It couldn't all be about the sexual pleasure of men. Women's bodies are just as unique even though their stories on this subject aren't depicted as much. And so, it does seem revolutionary to watch an episode in which Jessi tries to figure out how to achieve an orgasm. These impulses are coming to her now. She is developing a crush on Judd. That may seem random. But it's also innocent as well because the subject is entirely about personal pleasure. It's not a conversation about sex just yet. Sure, the show is very frank about how teenagers nowadays have access to such material thanks to the rise of online pornography. It's all seemingly fake which doesn't help Jessi in this situation. She wants to research the proper way to do this. She doesn't get much assistance in that regard. And yet, her body and Connie are alongside her throughout this journey. Missy is as well even though she seems further developed in this specific region. She knows how to pleasure herself even though her cosmic explanation also largely leaves Jessi in the dark. But the episode does conclude with Jessi figuring out what she likes and how to achieve lift off. That may be a slightly odd thing to celebrate. But it's also in keeping with exactly what this show is. This is the conversation it wants to inspire. Jessi may feel the pressure to rub herself in a certain way in order to win some kind of game. However, it's ultimately about experimenting and figuring out the tools that can ensure she has a healthy sexual life moving forward. This is the first step on this journey. Sure, her mother is a little too honest about what her relationships were like in this regard with Jessi's father and Cantor Dina. She is heartbroken at the moment because Dina has just broken up with her as well. Jessi doesn't see that as a big deal because she never liked Dina. Her mother did though. And now, she wonders if she'll ever find that connection again given how special it was the first time around. That is a powerful story that will more than likely continue to define life in this household. Jessi's story is the most significant and profound of this episode as well. With Andrew, it hopes to delve into the complexities of sending dick pics. Maury has long pushed Andrew into doing this. And now, he agrees. He feels confident as a result of this new crush on Cherry. But again, it doesn't really work as a story because she is his cousin. She is still alive too despite Florida sinking into the ocean. But it all seems a little too inappropriate. It presents as a chance for him to be disgusting and awful with someone else instead of his peers at school. But his behavior really hasn't improved in a way that ensures a better life moving forward. Meanwhile, Nick continues to assert himself as a jerk lashing out at his parents. He is furious that Jay is staying with them. It's not until he goes over to the Bilzerian house that he sees just how brutal that place can be. It's a constant battle for survival. It may take a long time for Jay to feel fully loved and comfortable in what should be normal. But it also highlights Nick's shortcomings because he has long been a self-centered individual who mostly only reaches out to people when they can do something for him. Him learning that lesson may tease that he is maturing in the right and appropriate way. But again, only time will tell. Andrew is still as gross and disgusting as he has always been. Life and maturity have proven to be constant choices that have to be made continually in order to prove to the rest of the world that these individuals have learned from their mistakes. They need the clarity that they are on the path towards being productive and well-meaning members of society. It's a long journey of discovery though that doesn't always go according to plan.