Sunday, October 6, 2019

REVIEW: 'Raising Dion' - Nicole Fights to Keep Dion Safe from BIONA in 'ISSUE #108: You Won't Like Him When He's Angry'

Netflix's Raising Dion - Episode 1.08 "ISSUE #108: You Won't Like Him When He's Angry"

Nicole puts everything on the line to rescue Dion from Suzanne and BIONA. Later, Charlotte uncovers a terrifying truth.

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"ISSUE #108: You Won't Like Him When He's Angry" was directed by Neema Barnette with story by Joshua Sternin & Jennifer Ventimilia and teleplay by Joshua Sternin, Jennifer Ventimilia & Edward Ricourt

This episode goes all in on Pat being awful and evil. It's a significant character turn designed in order to surprise the audience heading into the season finale. Pat has been positioned as the male lead. Someone who cared about Dion just as much as Nicole does. He has always been trying to protect him while also indulging in what he was now capable of doing. The show could have explored a romance between Nicole and Pat as well. He has those feelings for her. They have gotten close. Nicole just wanted to be friends though. And now, he feels slighted because of the sheer suggestion that there is someone else of importance in her life who is also close with Dion. He doesn't know that Charlotte exists and has become family to Nicole and Dion. That is articulated again here with Nicole actually using those words. She doesn't want to go on the run with Dion right now. She wants to give him a sense of normalcy for as long as possible. Of course, this episode starts with Nicole having to negotiate Dion's freedom from Suzanne. BIONA has long been positioned as the nefarious organization trying to use those with powers to their own benefit. And now, they may actually come across as the researchers just wanting to understand the science so that they can save the planet. They don't fully know what's going on. They just know that Dion can be a key resource for them. Mark's research would be just as valuable. Nicole is more than fine handing that ever despite his glaring concern that BIONA could have been responsible for the Iceland event. Of course, the show hasn't actually given the audience a reason why this company should be held responsible. That was mostly just a tool utilized to increase suspicion and tension. It's rather easy for Nicole to get access to her son in this building even though she has to make a scene in order to get their attention. Suzanne is accommodating while also noting that they will always be watching this family. That too fuels the idea that they have to go on the run to escape whatever is hunting them down and trying to control them. But that threat now presents as Pat. He has been a lingering presence throughout the season. He lashes out at Nicole for not giving him the love he believes is inherent to their dynamic. He believes she can't find anyone else who will love and understand Dion as much as he clearly does. Sure, he is also reading too much into her dancing partner. She only has a brief minute to perform. That's all the time she has in order to express herself in this world. The rest of the time she is working or trying to take care of Dion. Pat basically believes he's Dion's father at this point. He isn't though. Nicole is the one who gets to make all of the decisions about her child. And yet, Pat keeps showing up. Nicole knows that is likely too. But it's not clear until the very end just how dangerous he can be. Sure, Dion may be protected because Charlotte is around to keep a close watch over him. She offers some advice for how to be a better friend to Esperanza. That's what he needs from the people in his life right now. Instead, Pat is trying to control everything. Now, it should be fascinating to see if everything lines up so that it's clear he has been the Crooked Man all along. In the moment, it seems like a shocking twist solely to surprise the audience. That means he killed Mark. His best friend died because he tried to kill Charlotte. Sure, it makes sense that everyone who went to Iceland came back changed. But the finale will also have to explain how Pat's circumstances were different from Mark's. That could have fueled a divide between the two of them. And yet, there was no where in Mark's research where he mentioned these concerns. Or perhaps he did and Pat already deleted those files because he now has access over them at BIONA. Again, Pat presents as the unassuming guy who can be slighted without it being a big deal. But that is a toxic understanding of how the world should work as well. And now, he becomes the threat that is truly terrifying the people who have powers. He may have genuine concerns and love. But he is a killer as well who destroyed the family he became emotionally attached to.