Friday, November 1, 2019

REVIEW: 'See' - Haniwa and Kofun Decide Where Their Futures Should Take Them Despite the Chaos Involved in 'Fresh Blood'

AppleTV+'s See - Episode 1.03 "Fresh Blood"

The twins struggle to keep a secret from their mother.

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"Fresh Blood" was written by Steven Knight & Hadi Nicholas Deeb and directed by Francis Lawrence

A looming sense of dread has permeated throughout this world for a long time. The core family always knew it was only a matter of time before they were discovered by the Queen's army. They may have successfully eluded them for twenty years. However, their people have grown tired of the isolation. They no longer feel like they are being protected because it serves the common good. Sure, it highlights how society can crumble without the gift of sight. People view birth defects as a punishment from God instead of as the result of inbreeding. Haniwa and Kofun feel enlightened because they have read the books and understand the world that used to exist. They look up in the sky and see the sun. They know it's a giant mass in space that Earth revolves around every year. It isn't the Godflame that lords over this world and can punish anyone at any moment when it's displeased. And yet, the siblings have to remain in hiding. They push the boundaries of what they can get away with though. That is a natural part of growing up. It just has more lethal consequences for them. Haniwa understands that the knowledge from the books can help her become a more vital asset to the community. Meanwhile, Kofun values the wisdom but remains hesitant to do anything with it. They have such drastically different reactions to the material. It is a gift left behind by their father who understands the world better than anyone else who exists within it. And yet, the hysteria and fear that comes from being accused of sight is absolutely crippling. Haniwa and Kofun watch people burned alive simply because others accuse them of being witches. Those kinds of supernatural gifts don't exist in this world. It's simply a matter of some people being able to do things that others don't know how to explain. That doesn't make it magic. But there is clearly a yearning for more. Maghra is devastated to learn that she has been lied to by her family for years. Her children were given the books and have essentially been preparing to leave her for a long time. She doesn't want to see her children leave. She wants to protect them as best she can. She provides them comfort when they are terrified about what might happen to them. They exist in a world that doesn't want to understand or view things differently. The relics of the former world aren't the bones of God. They are simply metal that highlight what used to be. It carries so much value now. It serves as a castle to protect the Queen. She has the superiority of being the ruler of this land no matter how irrational and reckless she may become. There is no real update as to whether or not her fixation on Jerlameral came at the expense of the structural stability of her castle. Instead, it's more important that Tamacti Jun returns having completed his service and ready to take his own life because he has failed her. She is furious that he has actually spread Jerlameral's message. She wants to remove any doubts throughout her kingdom. They must have devout faith. Only then will they be protected. As such, it's a great sign to her that a message is delivered revealing where the children of Jerlameral have been hiding all these years. Tamacti Jun leads his troops into battle against Baba Voss and his warriors once more. Time has past. The dynamics have shifted. It's devastating for Kofun and Haniwa to watch as their father expertly kills the slave traders taking advantage of the world for their own personal benefit. Haniwa embraces that killer instinct as well. She has the ability to end a life. She uses that power but is also afraid of it. Kofun speaks up for a fellow slave who is injured. He doesn't quite know how to make a difference just yet. Haniwa wants to leave and Kofun doesn't. That is an outcome no one in the family was preparing for. And yet, they may not have the time to discuss what it all means. The secrets of Jerlameral will live for another day because the community is under attack. The forces that conspire against them have arrived. As such, this community may never be able to live the way that they have survived for twenty years. Instead, it's destined to forever be on the run because of the miracle of sight and wisdom given to two young adults whose independence and ferocity is still being formed.